School Watch


All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system. This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified. Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

Date: 07/06/2024

Date & Time of incident: 07/06/2024 – 7.50-8.00am

Location: Chiswick School.

Description of person: The man is described as black, aged 30-40, athletic build and approximately 5’6 in height.

Brief description of the incident: A female student was travelling to school on the E3 bus, a male was sitting behind her and rested his chin on her shoulder. He asked her name, age and what school she went to. He then tried to kiss her on the cheek so she got off the bus at Chiswick station at approximately 7.50am and the male remained on the bus. She believes he got off the bus at the next bus stop as she saw him again outside the school. He was spoken to by staff and asked to leave and was seen getting on a E3 bus heading towards Chiswick High Road.

This has been reported to the police via 101.

Date: 07/06/2024

Date & Time of incident: 06/06/2024 – 2.35pm

Location: Around the junction between Clayponds lane and Green Dragon Lane.

Description of person: A man between 5’8″ and 6’0″, described as black, slim built, with very bloodshot eyes, was riding an electric scooter and wearing a white top.

Brief description of the incident: A student was approached and verbally harassed by a male. The man tried to engage the student in conversation and asked her to come with him. She refused but he persisted until she left and she stood next to an empty police van.
The school has advised the parent to report it to the police.

Date: 06/06/2024

Date & Time of incident: 05/06/2024 – 3.07pm

Location: Chiswick School.

Description of person: Man had black hair, a moustache, sunglasses, black shorts and a navy gilet. He appeared to be of Asian ethnicity.

Brief description of the incident: A student was flashed by a man at 13:07 this afternoon. The location was the A4 pathway, Harvard Hill, next to the park. The man revealed his genitals to the student. She thinks he was filming her on his phone.
The parent has reported to the police.

Date: 05/06/2024

Date & Time of incident: 04/05/2024 – 3.15pm

Location: Wellington Primary School.

Description of person: White male – 6ft 4inch tall unshaven with short scruffy hair and wearing a green bomber jacket , jeans and white trainers.

Brief description of the incident: A man tried to enter the school site at Wesley Avenue and stopped on seeing SLT at the gate. The mother of a child in school reported being kicked in the back of the leg and this was witnessed by another parent.

The parent reported to the police.

Date: 30/05/2024

Date & Time of incident: 22/05/2024

Location: Near Kingsley Academy.

Description of person: A woman described as white, 5’5 tall, average build, brown hair, in her mid 40s, wearing beige trousers, a black t shirt and a beige coat.

Brief description of the incident: A woman entered the school site and addressed staff at main reception. She stated that she would like to talk to the children and would be in the High Street after school. She was advised that she should leave, but when someone opened the door from inside school, she held the door and attempted to engage with passing children. She was told to leave and was escorted off site by a senior member of staff.

The incident has been reported to the school’s community police officer.

Date & Time: 15/05/2024 – 4:20pm

Location: Hounslow Town Primary School.

A man was seen to be recording the children in the playground on his phone.

Description of the person: Asian male aged approx late 20s. The man wore black and red jumper.

Brief details of the incident: A man was seen to be recording the children in the playground on his phone. He was located on the slope parallel with the playground and football pitch. I asked if he was a relative and told him he was not allowed to record the children but he walked off without replying.

Incident reported to the Head Teacher and School Watch.

Date & Time: 14/05/2024

Location: The Rosary Catholic Primary School.

Description of the person: White male with English accent aged in his 20s/ He wore a black cap, a black outfit with a white logo and trainers.

Brief description of the incident: A man entered the school grounds and appeared intoxicated. He was seen in the old Infant parent waiting area. This means he must have jumped over the short fence/gate on the road. A a lunchtime supervisor (SMSA) saw him from about 1m away from the fence and stated the man was swaying and singing, she was not sure what he was singing. When she approached him and asked him to go, he responded ‘Can I stay here and play with them?’ She responded no you have to go. He turned around and walked back to the small fence and jumped over. The SMSA then informed a senior member of staff. When the member of staff went out to the playground and man was nowhere to be seen.

The incident has been reported the Police.

Date & Time: 14/05/2024 – 8:00am

Location: Oriel Academy – just outside the school gates on the driveway.

A black man with an African accent, aged approximately in his 40s, of average build with a bald head. He wore a grey tracksuit with black and white trainers.

Brief Details of Incident:

Approached a student and asked ‘where’s your fat friend’ He was kissing his teeth. Flailing his arms around.

Date: 30/05/2024

Date and Time of incident: Tuesday 30 April at approximately 3 – 3.15pm

Location: Outside Heston Community School.

Description of the person: Male of Indian origin with a strong accent claiming to be Goan. Scruffy in appearance with beard, jeans and dark t-shirt.

Brief details of incident:

Yr. 10 Girls reported that a adult male had approached them and tried to start a conversation at the bus stop in Heston Village. They reported the incident to staff on Duty at the bus stop stating that they had been made to feel uncomfortable.

Staff approached the man and engaged him in conversation and escorted him away from the students down Heston Road towards Hounslow. However, shortly after staff left he circled back and presented himself at Main Reception. He was then escorted off site and headed towards Hounslow.

He had slurred and incoherent speech and appeared to be intoxicated. He was unable to explain why he had approached students or tried to gain access to the school.

Whilst leaving site his comments became more aggressive, threatening and confused.

Date: 25/04/2024

Date and Time of incident: Thursday 25 April at 9.00am and again at 3.30pm

Location: Cedars Park.

Description of the person:  Male of Indian origin with short curly dark hair. Wearing a grey hoodie and black joggers.

Brief details of incident:

Students reported yesterday an incident during which they were approached by a male, described as Indian, who said that he wanted to be friends with them and that he had moved to the country last Tuesday from Punjab.

The man said to one of the girls that he would be friends and have contact with her first, then he would date her before making lewd suggestions.

The students confirmed that there was no physical contact, and he then gave them his phone number. This has been given to the police.

The man was then seen at the park again after school, he was by the fence by Cedars School at the entrance of the park signalling for them to go over to him. They shouted at him to leave them alone. The incident was reported by the students to their respective parents.


Date: 22/03/2024

Date and Time of incident: Friday 22 March at 8.30am and again at about 2pm

Location: Cromwell Road, back entrance to The Orchard Primary School.

Description of the person: A white male in his 20s, described as standing between 5ft 8 and six feet tall, wearing a black tracksuit top with hood up and black track suit bottoms.

Brief details of incident: A year 6 child was walking to school with two friends and a parent ( of one of the friends) who was walking in front of the boys.

A man approached the child and said ‘spud me’ and held out his hand. The child refused and the man then grabbed the child’s arm and pulled him towards him. The child then kicked the man and ran off in the direction of Hounslow Road. The pupils alerted the parent and the incident was reported to the school at the earliest opportunity.


Date: 21/03/2024

Date and Time of incident: Thursday 21 March at approximately 4pm.

Location: Flats beside Asda, Feltham Centre/ Hazel Grove.

Description of the aggressors: Three boys aged between 12 and 13 years old. One was in a blue Nike tracksuit; one had a black bodywarmer and black hat.

Brief details of incident: Two pupils from school were walking to Asda in Feltham Centre after school yesterday, and were passing the blue high rise flats beside the train tracks near the supermarket at around 3.50 – 4pm.

They were approached by three boys between 12-13 years old, one of whom was wearing a blue Nike tracksuit.

All three had their hoods up and masks on. Two of the boys came close and one demanded that pupil A hand over his phone and money. The other (in the blue tracksuit) tried to take the bag of pupil B who resisted and was punched in the face.

The third older boy told his friends to stop.

The three older boys then noticed an adult standing in his front doorway filming them on his phone so ran off. The adult (young, maybe in his 20s) asked the two  pupils if they were OK and asked if they needed help.

The two pupils then left and made their way to Asda and then home.

This incident was reported to the police.


Date: 13/03/2024

Date and Time of incident: Wednesday 13 March at 12.30pm and again at about 2pm

Location: Outside Norwood Green Junior School, Thorncliffe Road.

Brief details of incident: Four different individuals have been spotted filming children on our playground today.

At lunchtime, a couple described as Asian, around 30, the man in black sportswear and the woman in a pink tracksuit were filming children on the playground – before they moved on after being spotted. They were seen pointing out specific children.

Later, while a Year 6 class was out for PE on the playground, two different men were seen walking past and filming the children. One man described as Asian, average height, around 30, short hair and neat beard, wearing a blue coat walked past from the East (coming from the Infants school) and an older man, also Asian, mid-40s, all in black with short hair and a longer black beard came from the West.


Date: 29/02/2024

Date and Time of incident: Thursday 29th February at approximately 8.00am

Location: Westmacott Drive Feltham, TW14

Brief details of incident: Two students have reported on two occasions this week they have been stopped by a man in a car. The incidents involved two separate vehicles and two different men.

On both occasions the students have been asked or signalled to to get into the car.

  1. Around 4:30pm man made a hand gesture to 2 female students to get into the car.
  2. Around 8am  on 29/02/2024, a man asked a female student to get into his car. She said no and walked away in another direction.

Description of the men and vehicles involved:

  1. (Maybe Silver) Toyota Prius – Asian/Indian man
  2. Toyta Pruis – a man but no further description

Reported to 101 and SSO.


Date: 07/02/2024

Date and Time of incident: Wednesday 7th February at approximately 4.30pm

Location: Chiswick School

Brief details of incident: Young adults with balaclavas kept passing a student waiting at the bus stop next to Chiswick School, and watching him, making comments about his phone. Student ran away.


Date: 02/02/2024

Date and Time of incident: Friday 2nd February at approximately 4.40pm

Location: Near Edward Pauling Primary School

Description of person: Bald man in his 40s dressed in dark jeans and a grey jumper or sweatshirt.
Driving a silver people carrier type vehicle.

Brief details of incident: This morning, a parent of two boys (Y5 and Y6) reported that, on Friday afternoon, as their eldest child made their way home from a club, their son was chased by a man. The pupil lives a three minute walk from school.

The pupil has confirmed that as they were walking on the left hand side of Redford Close towards their home which is at the dead end of Redford Close, a man parked up alongside them in a silver people carrier type vehicle. The man got out and opened the boot. He then ran around the back of the vehicle and chased the pupil to their block of flats front door across the car park. The pupil reported that two teenagers were on the right hand side of the car park and called to him to go to them. The pupil ran straight to the front door of the flats and the entrance door was open. He closed the door behind him and the man tried to door.

The pupil’s mother then came to see if he was alright and went outside to see if the man was still there but he had left. The pupil’s younger brother approached home at this point returning from his club.

The incident was reported to the Headteacher and the school has asked the parents to report to the police as will school. All parents/carers shall be informed and pupils walking independently to be spoken to in general terms.

Date: 01/02/2024

Date and Time of incident: Friday 26th January after school

Location: Near exit to the Treaty Centre

Description of person: Black male, 5 foot 10-11, skinny with a patchy beard, in his 20s. The man was wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, tracksuit bottoms and a black backpack.

Brief details of incident: Two girls were approached and one offered money to leave her friend with him.

On Friday 26th January 2023 after schools, two students walked through the Treaty Centre to get to the 111 bus stop as they approached the exit a man approached them and said he wanted to speak to student 1, by name, he said he had known her for over a year, she did not know him. He gave student 2 £20 to go to Poundland and get something while he talked to student 1. Student 2 left them briefly and then both students ran for the bus.
On Saturday student 1 received messages and personal videos on Snapchat, she has removed him from her snapchat.

Both students have spoken to their parents about this.

Date: 01/02/2024

Location: Green Dragon Primary School

Description of person: 1st white male wearing a hi-vis/illuminous jumper, black trousers. No other details given.
No description given of 2nd white male by witnesses.
XL Bully dog – no colour given by witnesses.

Brief details of incident: Outside main school gates on the road parallel to the school. A white male was seen with a knife fighting with another white male who was holding a XL Bully dog on a leash.

Reported to the police and one man apprehended.


Date: 31/01/2024

Location: Outside Green School for Girls, London Road Isleworth

Description of person: Brown skin, in mid to late 30s, wavy hair above the ear, dark brown round eyes, not very tall (between 5ft and 5ft3), medium build. Clothing: The person was wearing a yellow/muddy brown coloured coat.

Brief details of incident: Student boarded a bus at Treaty Centre Hounslow. The student was standing in disabled space as the bus was very busy, and noticed a man opposite staring at her (standing by the exit doors). At London Road, the student got off the bus but as she walked past, the man whispered something in her ear. The student did not hear what he said and then walked the short distance to school, but noticed the man was following behind. The student then approached a Year 7 to walk into school with her, and the man stopped following but watched as she entered the school.

Student has been advised to report to the police.


Date: 29/01/2024

Location: Chiswick School

Description of person: Male. Described as mixed race, balding on top and middle aged.

Brief details of incident: A concerned parent called as her daughter has seen a small red car cruising around the Staveley Road area next to to the school on several occasions, on one occasion he stopped his car, put his window down and winked at her.  Her son saw the same car today, the man appeared to be watching a female from another school, her son crossed the road and walked with the girl so it appeared as though they were together and the car drove away.

Reported to 101.

Date: 18/01/2024

Location: The Smallberry Green Primary School

Description of person: Skin colour – black. Clothing: black jacket with hoodie and jeans

Brief details of incident: Student left school to walk home. Near the top of Turnpike Way, there was a white van parked. As the student passed the van, the driver wound the window down and said to the student ‘Come get in’.
Student said no and then walked off towards London Road.
Reported to the police.

Date: 16/01/2024

Location: Brentford School for Girls – near Sainsbury’s Local on the Great West Quarter

Description of person: White male, approximately 40 to 50 years old with short brown hair.

Brief details of incident: At approximately 7.30am, a student was walking towards Sainsbury’s Local on the Great West Quarter when she noticed a white male, mid 40/50 yrs old with short brown hair pointing his phone at her. The student was concerned that he may have been taking a photo of her.

Date: 09/01/2024

Location: Alleyway between Prince Regent Road and the High Street (Saddlers Place)

Description of person: male, white, in his 40s, 5ft8, stocky build, with shoulder length blonde hair and wearing a very scruffy grey tracksuit.

Brief details of incident: A man approached Kingsley Academy students after school in an alleyway and made suggestive remarks toward the students. The incident has been reported to the Police.

Date & Time: 15/12/23 – 15:15pm

Location: Norwood Green Junior School – North Hyde Lane/Thorncliffe Road, Southall

A white man, aged approximately in his mid-twenties, with short dark hair. He wore plain clothing and was seen in and around a white van with colourful patterns.

Brief Details of Incident:

A man matching the above description was slowly and deliberately filming the children playing on our playground at lunchtime. He walked along North Hyde Lane and where the hedge obscures the view from the street he crossed the road and walked off southwards on North Hyde Lane.

Date & Time: 14/12/23 – 15:15pm

Location: Cardinal Road Infant and Nursery School

Description of person: 

A man, aged between 35-40, with blue eyes and wearing a blue north face jacket with red signage, blue jeans, and red flip flops.

Brief Details of Incident:

A man entered school playground and a parent made the caretaker aware that the man was behaving strangely. She also phoned the police. School have phoned safer neighbourhood team.

The man smelt very strongly of alcohol. When challenged, he claimed he was here to pick up his child but could not
say who his child was and was asked to leave the school premises. He left the school and turned right in the direction of Danesbury Road.

Believed to be the same person who was reported earlier in the week.

Date & Time: 13/12/23 – 08:30am

Location: The Bridge (Woodbridge Park Education)

Description of person: 

Gender: Male, Age: 35-37 years, Clothing: Grey tracksuit, Notable Features: Blue eyes, referred to himself as Daniel D or Danny

Brief Details of Incident:

A stranger was reportedly talking and walking alongside parents and children. The person followed them all the way up Bedfont Lane to outside of The Bridge. He was said to be making inappropriate comments to children and people passing on the street. Appeared to be drunk or high.

Date & Time: 12/12/23 – 07:30am

Location: The Smallberry Green Primary School

Description of person: 

Skin colour: Black, Clothes: Black jacket, blue bag, wearing a hood

Brief Details of Incident:

Student got of the E8 bus at approx. 7.30am. She noticed that the man was following another woman. When he saw her get off the bus, he turned around and started following the student. He followed her all the way down the road towards the school. When she got close to the school gates he turned and walked away.

Date & Time: 07/12/23 – 11:45

Location: The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Description of person: 

Wearing grey baseball cap with an H logo. Black jacket with white hood and blue denim jeans, black and white trainers. Aged between 25-30, black hair with a moustache and goatee beard. Height 5’8” – 5’10”

Brief Details of Incident:

A man followed our nursery parents into the school drive, he was acting erratically and came to the attention of the parents who directed him to the Infant office. He asked to sing carols to the children. He was told this was not possible and he left the premises.

Date & Time: 05/12/23 – 13:30

Location: Hounslow Town Primary School

Description of person: 

Asian or possibly mixed race, wearing a dark navy/black coat with fur on the hood and holding a bag

Brief Details of Incident:

A member of the public, who lives in the flats that back on to the school playground, called the school to inform that they saw a person looking into the playground and taking pictures of the children.  The SLT attended the area but no one was seen.

Date & Time: 29/11/23 – 09:00

Location: St. Mark’s Catholic School, Hounslow

Description of person: 

A man described as Asian in his mid-40s wearing a black puffer jacket with tartan design on shoulders, rust coloured jogging bottoms, and a grey cap with sunglasses

Brief Details of Incident:

A man was seen in the top car park of the school smoking a cigarette.  When asked to leave the man refused.  The Police were called, and he was eventually taken off site and into custody.

Date & Time: 22/11/23 & 23/11/23 – 15:00

Location: Syon Lane, Isleworth – between Nishkam School West London and 66 Syon Lane

Description of person: 

He just looked tan and really old and was wearing a bright blue jacket that was long and dark gray sweatpants. His face is long and thin and quite wrinkly, it looks like he has no teeth from the shape of his lips.

Brief Details of Incident:

On 22 November 2023, a 14 year old girl & 11 year old boy crossed paths with an adult with hoody on when they were coming home after school around 3:25 pm. He made eye contact with the female girl but she just ignored it and walked home.

On 23 November 2023, they saw the same adult walking on the other side of the road & then he crossed the road & came on the same side of the road as they were walking around the similar time as yesterday. He was walking behind them.

Date & Time: 21/11/23 – 15:15pm

Location: Hounslow Town Primary School

Gender: Male, Age: mid-20s, Race: Asian, Clothing: Powder blue joggers, a darker blue hoodie, white shoes and glasses

Brief Details of Incident:

At the end of the school day a member of staff was on gate duty and noticed a man standing outside the gates.  The man had a brown cuddly toy, that he was holding and sometimes showing to the children. The member of staff asked him if he was waiting for someone, and he said that he was waiting for his cousin’s brother.

The member of staff asked for a name, but he kept saying the same thing over and over again and appeared to have additional needs. After a while he moved to the opposite side of the road, then moved on as the school gates were closed at 3.40pm.

Date & Time: 16/11/23 – 13:40pm

Location: The Blue School

Gender: Male, Age: 40s-50s, Race: Asian, Clothing: Blue Coat, Hat & With a Blue-coloured Phone

Brief Details of Incident:

Today during our weekly swim routine off-site, an Asian male (40-50) – navy coat /wearing a hat and blue coloured phone was caught filming our pupils from an H22 bus while passing the intersection near the Isleworth Car Park near the Isleworth swimming baths.

Date & Time: 16/11/23 – 07:55am

Location: Rivers Academy – Ruskin Ave, TW14

Gender: Male, Age: 70s-80s, Clothing: White and Brown Shirt, Jeans & Walking Stick

Brief Details of Incident:

Two students walking on their way to school were stopped by an older man. He was asking them questions such as:
What school do you go to?
What music do you like?

Date & Time: 16/11/23 – 08:05am

Location: Kingsley School – School gate, Cecil Road

Gender: Male, Age: Mid 30s, Race: Asian, Hair: Brown w/ Scruffy Beard, Build: 5’7″ & Stocky, Clothing: Blue Jacket, Jeans, Blue Rucksack & a Wooly Hat

Brief Details of Incident:

This man came to the gate this morning and tried to gain access. He claimed that he wanted to cut through to the shops. He was a bit agitated and kept saying ‘I have a mental condition’. He was redirected to Prince Regent Road and did not return.

Date & Time: 12/10/23 – 17:00

Location: Lampton School – Great West Road bus stop

Gender: Male (x2), Age: Mid 20s, Race: Caucasian (white), Hair: 1. Black, slicked back 2. Frizzy, tied back in a ponytail, Build: 5’9″-5’10”, Notable Features: Deep voice (slurry/ drunk), one boy had a number 13/14 face tattoo.

Brief Details of Incident:

2 Year 11 Students who had got the 111 after school yesterday towards Treaty Centre. They said there were two males in their 20s who had alcohol bottles on them and were clearly drunk on the bus. The two males had been throwing meatballs at an old lady – one of our students intervened and asked what he was doing. They then went upstairs on the bus and sat at the front, they continued to throw meatballs at the 2 girls while drinking and shouting on the bus. The girls then got off the bus at the stop before treaty Centre.

The girls had taken a picture so that they could report it to the police – the two males had chased them out of the bus and into the treaty centre with alcohol bottles in their hand. The girls ran up stairs to the Treaty Kitchen and locked themselves in the toilet. The two males chased them into the toilets and banged on the door. They 2 students said that the 2 males insinuated that they had a knife on them as they kept putting their hands down their trousers to hold something.

Date & Time: 12/10/23 – 16:30/ 16:45

Location: Lampton School – Great West Road bus stop

Gender: Male (x2), Age: Mid 30s, Race: South Asian, Hair: Black, Build: Tall, Clothing: Neon orange cargo trousers Vehicle: Had a ‘highway maintenance’ sign on the back

Brief Details of Incident:

Student was at the “Great West Road” bus stop going towards Heston – She said there was a plain van and man had come out and saw her and went back in the van. She then moved along to the shops and she turned around and he was following her. The man then saw a lady walking towards the child so he walked in the opposite direction back to the van.

The student had then seen a Year 11 student from Isleworth and Syon, who she told she felt unsafe and had dropped her back to Lampton School where parents came to collect her.

Date & Time: 03/10/23 – 16:00

Location: St Mark’s Catholic School – Bus stop by Strawberry Local shop (opposite the school).

Gender: Male, Age: Early/Mid 30s, Race: Middle-Eastern/ Arab, Hair: Black & Full Beard, Build: c.5’10”, Clothing: Dark Green Winter Coat, black trousers worn only up to the mid thigh.

Brief Details of Incident:

Two girls left St Marks school about 4pm having done after school clubs. They walked across the road to the bus stop outside Strawberry Local.  They stood by the road.

A man was sat at the bus stop. He was very clearly drinking, his clothes wet and he was obviously intoxicated. His trousers were slung low and his boxers were very visible. One girl noticed him and the cans and the fact there were other people at the bus stop – two ladies and a small child.

He started pacing up and down, stumbling and talking to himself. The man approached the two girls but continued past and then returned to sit at the bus stop. He got up and approached the two girls, started mumbling, produced a lighter. He tried to flick it on. One girl moved the other girl out of the way and he was mumbling to himself.
He was behind the eldest girl and tried, but failed to set her school blazer alight.

The girl spoke to him and told him to move away and leave them alone. The girls walked to the Bell Rd bus stop.
The girls thought they saw the same man on a 423 bus that went past the bus stop they were stood at.

Date & Time: 02/10/2023 – 09:15am

Location: The Orchard Primary School – Outside the shops at the top of Orchard Road

Gender: Male

Brief Details of Incident:

A parent phoned the school to report that a man was standing outside the shops at the top of Orchard Road asking children who were walking on their own to Heathlands School if they wanted to buy ‘weed’.

Date & Time: 28/09/23 – After 16:30

Location: Devonshire Passage/Dukes Avenue underpass (road next to our school)

Brief Details of Incident:

Reports from parents that the underpass on Dukes Avenue/leading to Chiswick House has large groups of males gathering and selling and taking drugs. Most activity happens afterschool, with reports coming in around 3 to 3.30pm and 4.30 pm.

One parent has reported to 999 on Monday, but had influx of emails from parents yesterday evening.

Date & Time: 06/07/2023 – 16:15pm

Location: Strand on the Green Infants and Primary School, Russell Kerr Close

Gender: Male x3, Age: Early/Mid 20s, Race: Black, Build: c.5’7″/ 5’8″, Clothing: Black hoodies, black & blue surgical face masks

Brief Details of Incident: 

One of our music teachers was mugged at knife point at around 4.15pm.

2 of them held him against a wall with the knife in his side and demanded his pin number for his phone. They also took his apple watch and ear pods.


Date & Time: 04/07/2023 – 13:30pm

Location: Kingsley Academy, Prince Regent Road

Gender: Male, Age: 30s, Hair: Brown, Build: Slim, c.5’8″, Clothing: Black pyjamas, Grey Dressing Gown

Brief Details of Incident: 

Two members of staff were walking by the rear school gate when a man approached them (he was wearing PJ and a grey dressing gown). He shouted out ‘ Do you want to earn some money? I have plenty of money for you’. Reported to the Senior Team to be aware on gate duty this evening.


Date & Time: 30/06/2023 – 15:40

Location: Chiswick School

Gender: Male x3, Age: 17-22 y/o, Race: N/A, Clothing: Black clothes, masks over faces, one wearing blue surgical

Brief Details of Incident: 

A Year 10 student was punched in the face. This was an unprovoked attack.

Police were directed to CCTV which has clear images of the perpetrators.


Date & Time: 21/06/23 – 3:30pm

Location: Feltham Hill Infants School – St. Dunstan’s Park

Gender: Male, Age: Mid/ Late-20s, Race: South Asian, Build: Average build/height, Clothing: Blue and white t-shirt, grey tracksuit bottoms

Brief Details of Incident: 

A man was spotted pointing his phone (and potentially filming) a number of young girls in St. Dunstan’s park playground and the surrounding fields. When confronted by parents, the man named himself ‘Abdul’ and claimed that he was ‘FaceTiming his sister in India to show her the children in the park so she could “see
what children playing in the park in England was like’. The man left soon after, but one parent suspected he may have been spotted looking into and around their house earlier that day. Police have been contacted and a report has been filed.


Date & Time: 19/06/2023 – 07:32 am

Location: Worple Primary School

Gender: Male, Age: 50+, Skin: Brown/ tanned, Clothing: White polo-shirt, dark cap, dark trousers, grey trainers, Other Features: Walked with a slight limp, heavy set build, average height.

Brief Details of Incident: 

A dog walker saw an older man approaching Worple school with a digital camera and take pictures of the nursey entrance/exit gate. He then went to reposition himself on the road, aiming his digital camera at the nursey window and taking another picture. As this unknown man saw the dog walker, he then stopped and quickly put the camera down the side of his leg so it couldn’t be seen. The dog walker, walked past but as he looked back he saw him trying to reposition his camera again but once he saw the man turn around, he again stopped. The man waited until the dog walker had walked a fair distance up the road and then took a further 4 photos – 6 in total that have been picked up on the school’s external CCTV system.


Date & Time: 15/06/2023 – 09:15 am

Location: Heston Primary School

Gender: Male, Age: 25-30, Race: Asian Descent, Clothing: Glasses, a black cap, dark tracksuit, Height: 5″5-5″6

Brief Details of Incident: 

A man entered the school site and asked office staff if they could put his knuckles back into place. He claimed he had been released from prison yesterday, had been tasered and he was drugged up. He said he had walked all the way from North London and didn’t know where he was. The man asked for a glass of water, which was given to him. Senior management team sat with the man whilst the police were called. The man was not abusive but presented with definite mental health issues. The police did not arrive but the man left after half an hour, he said he needed to get to the Great West Road.


Date & Time: 06/06/2023 – 4:45pm

Location: The Green School for Girls, Spur Road

Brief Details of Incident: 

Passer by was sat in traffic and observed a man in a Grey van attempting to speak to 3 girls from The Green School for Girls in uniform in the area of Syon Lane. She said after an exchange with the man he drove away a short distance and started taking pictures of them with his phone. She has taken a picture of the van and its registration.


Date & Time: 23/05/2023

Location: Norwood Green Junior School

Brief Details of Incident: 

An Asian man described between 60-70 years old, with white hair and a long white beard with a trimmed moustache. About 5’7”-5’9” tall, of average build wearing a black woolly hat, black puffer jacket with a hood, black trousers, and black trainers, waited at the school gate until most of the children had been collected. He then entered the school and walked towards the remaining Year 3 children.

A member of staff asked him if he could help and who was he looking for. He walked slowly towards a class without answering and he then pointed towards a pupil. The member of staff said the pupil’s name and pointed towards the man, but the pupil remained still and didn’t recognise him, the man turned around and left the school.

Another member of staff stated she has seen the man waiting before.


Date & Time: 16/05/2023

Location: Reach Academy, Feltham

Brief Details of Incident: 

8:34am – Asian male walks across the road from Aldi towards the Primary Gate and looks to try and gain entry but it is locked

8:34am – He then walks towards the main reception doors and is seen by JWO & then RHO

8:35am – Its noted the man could not speak English so PTE was asked to come out and speak to him

8:35 – 8:40am – PTE spoke to the man, her events are as follows:

“As discussed with you, this strange Asian guy came to school about 8:45 am asking to go and see his friend who apparently is a teacher teaching. He said his friend is Asian British and he wanted to meet his friend. I asked him his name, he said his name was Lovely and asked me to call his friend.

He didn’t give me his friend’s name . I tried different questions to get his friend’s name but he didnt give me a name. He said he didn’t have his phone on him to call his friend and the phone was in his van / car.

The guy was , wheatish complexion , wearing all black clothes & jacket with a black & white bandana on his head , black beard and only speaking in Punjabi or Hindi.

I told him this is a school and he might be in the wrong place. I told him there are other schools around in the area, maybe his friend works in one of the other schools but I didn’t give him any name of schools etc.”

8:41 – Leaves the main reception & then stands in the car park looking down the Primary entrance again before walking towards Fern House


Date & Time: 11/05//2023 – 07:45 a.m.

Location: Rivers Academy, Feltham – H26 Bus

Gender: Male (x2), Skin: One White, One Tanned Build: Muscular, Age: 15-18, Clothing: Both wearing hooded tracksuits and balaclavas

Brief Details of Incident:

Two males entered the H26 bus, threatening two passengers and demanding they leave the bus. The two passengers refused. It appears to be a targeted attack. The bus driver set off an alarm (the two males threatened to stab and kill people on the bus). One started striking the bus with some sort of weapon attached to his hand, possibly a knuckle duster because as he punched the glass it shattered. The two males recorded this incident at separate points.

The bus driver drives away and evacuates the passengers to another bus apart from the victims. This incident lasted around 2-3 minutes. Reported to 101.


Date & Time: 04/05/2023 – 14:45pm

Location: Green Dragon Primary School

Gender: Male, Skin: Middle-Eastern, Build: Medium, Age: Early 20s

Brief Details of Incident:

Yesterday a man approached the school office stating he had a message for the school. He greeted the receptionist in Arabic. He was an ex-student of the school and started talking about a message for King Charles. He said he was from Syria. The man left again quietly after a very short period.


Date & Time: 26/04/2023 – 15:50pm

Location: St Mary’s, Duke, Road, Chiswick, W4 2DF – Bins outside the school

Gender: Male, Age: 30s, Skin Colour: Mixed Race, Height: Medium, Build: Slim

Brief Details of Incident:

Staff member noticed a man going through the bins and alerted Headteacher. After reviewing CCTV, he approached the school via Duke Road on a Santander rental bike. He circled the bins as if looking for something. He then opened one of the bins and at one point leaned in to collect a bag and then cycled away with bag. We believe the contents to be drugs.

Second occasion of this happening, previously a person has hid a bag of drugs in a bench in front of the school.

Date & Time: 26/04/2023 – 15:50pm

Location: Sparrow Farm Primary School, bus stop outside Feltham Assembly Hall

Gender: Male, Age: 30s, Skin Colour: Asian, Height: 5’7″, Clothing: White jacket

Brief Details of Incident:

A supply teacher was waiting at the bus stop. The man approached a year 7 or 8 child (possibly from St. Paul’s, Sunbury) and asked him where he lived and what bus stop. The teacher intervened and asked the boy if he was OK; he said no. The man tried to get on the bus with the boy, so the teacher got the boy to get off and was waiting with him for the next bus; luckily his mother drove by and picked him up.

Reported to police at the time.


Date & Time: 26/04/2023 – 14:05pm

Location: Edison Primary School, on-site

Gender: 2 Females, Age: Teenagers, Skin Colour: 1 White, 1 Asian, Height: 5’2″/ 5’3″, Hair1 Red/ Auburn, 1 Dark Brown/ Black,

Clothing: 1 white crop top, 1 grey top; Both grey bomber jackets; 1 white Nike Airforces, 1 grey Nike Airforces; 1 black leggings, 1 grey jogging bottoms

Brief Details of Incident:

Two young girls, came on site to try to collect a child for an appointment, they could not tell the name of the child. They were very rude and aggressive, kept on laughing and swearing. Attempted to enter the school by pulling the doors and then attempted to climb over the side gate. One started to vape in the reception foyer and on exit set the school fire alarm.

Police called and attended site.


Date & Time: 24/04/2023 – 08:30am

Location: Uxbridge Road, near school iron bridge/shop area

Gender: Male, Age: Uncertain, Skin Colour: White, Clothing: Green jacket, black jumper & black camouflage trousers with the word ‘army’ written on them

Brief Details of Incident:

A pupil reported that whilst on their way to school, they were followed by a man and it made them feel very uncomfortable. The pupil felt that he was walking behind them slowly and started to follow them up the iron bridge near school, as pupil was coming back down they noticed he had gone but pupil was feeling quite scared. Pupil said they noticed he put his hood up too.

The student contacted their parents.


Date & Time: 17/04/2023 – 12:30pm

Location: Lampton School

Gender: Male, Build: Medium, Height: Medium, Skin Colour: Asian/ Mediteranean, Clothing: Wearing a cap


A man of Asian or Mediterranean heritage, average build, wearing a cap was speaking to a group of Year Nine students through a fence. He ran off when challenged.


Date & Time: 17/04/2023 – 08:50am

Location: Springwest Academy, Browells Lane, Feltham

Gender: Male, Build: Medium, Skin Colour: Mixed Race/Asian, Jkt: White with silver, Trs: Black


The man approached the bus stop and stood facing the girls. They ran off he followed them down the next road.  The girls sought refuge at a neighbouring property.  Police were informed.


Date & Time: 30/03/2023 – 09:00 am

Location: Lionel Primary School, outside Carville Hall park (North side of A4)

Gender: Female, Age: Mid 40s, Skin Colour: Dark, Dress: Black Hijab, Car: White, 5 doors

Brief Detail of Incident: 

On the way to school a boy was walking past a car. A lady asked if he would like to come in the car. He said No. She then continued to try to persuade him to get in the car. She said she would take him to school. He said no again and started to run away. The car then drove off.


Date & Time: 21/03/2023 – 07:54 am

Location: 267 bus route towards Brentford

Gender: Male, Age: 40-50, Skin Colour: White, Dress: Grey Hoodie (black at the front), long blonde beard

Brief Details of Incident:

a school watch incident that took place yesterday ( 21.3.23) at 07.54am on the 267 bus coming to Brentford.  Students were on the 267 bus coming to Brentford when they noticed a man described as a white male, middle aged wearing a grey hoody (black at the front) with a long blonde beard. The man appeared to be recording them on his phone and he told them ‘Welcome to Instagram, everyone’s going to know who you are’.  The students got off the bus and went to school but some said they saw the same man walking past the school.


Date & Time: 27/02/2023 13:30 pm

Location: Bedfont Primary School (riverbank fence beside the school)

Gender: Male, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Brown/ Grey

Brief Details of Incident:

During a PE lesson at 13:30 children in a Year 6 class children reported seeing a man staring at them and holding up a phone pointing in their direction. The children stated the man looked as if he was taking pictures of them.  The man was seen on the riverbank side of the fence. Different children reported seeing the man during various times of the lesson. One child reported the man had white skin. Other children said he had brown hair and was accompanied by a dog. A couple of children also stated they had seen a man of the same description on the public side of the fence by the Year 6 quad during a maths lesson, last week.


DATE/TIME: 11.01.2023 – 5:20pm

LOCATION: Norwood Green Junior School

Gender: Male, Age: 30/50, Skin Colour: Brown, Indian or Pakistani heritage, Eyes: Dark, Dress: Wearing a paper facemask, dark Jacket/Coat, Height: Average, Accent: English, polite and professional


As a staff member left the site they saw a male hanging around at the school entrance. When asked he explained he was waiting for “Smart Schools at the Junior School”, when told there was no such programme, the man offered to phone to check. He spoke into a phone and walked off towards the infants. A search of the school site followed and he had not gained access to the school.


DATE/TIME: 16.12.2022 – 8:05am to 8:15am
LOCATION: Cardinal Road Infant & Nursery School – Feltham

Gender: Male, Age: 40/50, Skin Colour: White, Dress: A black beanie hat, short black puffer jacket, black scarf wrapped around the lower half of his face, black Nike 270 trainers, Height: 5ft 6 approx, Facial Hair: Grey beard, Accent: Deep gruff voice (possibly with a cold), possibly under the influence as he stumbled when running


A 12 year old girl was followed from Springwest Academy through the Cineworld car park to McDonalds by a man who tried to engage in conversation, asking her age, who she was meeting etc. When she sped up to walk away, he called to her “oi I’m talking to you”. When she started to run, he chased after her.


DATE/TIME: 09.12.2022 – 13:15
LOCATION: Reach Academy – Feltham

Gender: Males, Age: 20s, Dress: Black Balaclavas,


This afternoon at approximately 13:15 across the road from Reach Academy a pupil in Year 13 was approached from behind by 3 males wearing balaclavas in their 20s. One of the males said “what’s up darling”. Behind him was another male who was smiling at her with another male. She asked if she knew them. The male changed the conversation and started asking her about which college she goes to and whether it was local. Another female student who she was with asked their age and they said they were 17 but the students reported they looked older. The males continued to talk about colleges and the pupil panicked and them that she attended Reach. Two male students from Reach were approaching the girls from across the road returning to school. The 3 males saw them approaching and left the girls in a hurry looking back at the girls and smiling.


DATE/TIME: 07.12.2022 – 2pm
LOCATION: The St Michael Steiner School – Park Road

Gender: Males


A Year 10 class were waiting for the 111 bus to go to the climbing centre in Hounslow. A gang of youths approached one of the students who was on his bicycle and tried to steal it. One of the students made an attempt to stop the theft and got caught in a scuffle, he got hit on his left ear. Another student pulled the students trying to help back from the group of boys. One of the students ran back to the school to get help and another couple of girls called the police.


DATE/TIME: 03.12.2022 – 11:30am
LOCATION: Lampton Academy – school front gates

Gender: Male, Age: 50/60, Skin Colour: Brown, Hair: Grey, bald on top, Dress: Black Hoodie, Beige Trousers, Height: Medium, Build: Slight. Accent: Thick accent, possibly Asian


At 11.30am this morning, 2nd December, our receptionist noticed a man at the gate who was taking photographs of the front of the school. She went out and spoke to him, he had very little English but she tried to explain that he should not take photographs. He showed her the school address written on a piece of paper, she tried to explain to him that he should not take pictures of the school but he walked off.


DATE/TIME: 30.11.2022 – 3:45pm
LOCATION: Strand on the Green Junior School

Gender: Both Male, Age: One elderly and the other 40s or 50s, Skin Colour: White, Dress: Casually dressed, Build: Elderly male short and other male slightly taller.


This afternoon at approximately 3:45, two children (Year 4 and 6) were approached by two men on the corner of Grove Park Terrace and Burnaby Gardens (very close to Grove Park Primary). The men were not known to the children. One of the men asked where the children were going. Another family from the school were walking closely behind and the mum asked the children whether they  knew the men. The men then become argumentative with her as she led the children away from them. The men followed for a moment before walking off. The children returned home safely and their parents have been notified of the incident.


DATE/TIME: 22.11.2022 – 4:30pm
LOCATION: Alleyway by The White Bear pub, Kingsley Road, Hounslow

Gender: Male, Age: 30-40’s, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Long beard and grey hair, Build: Tall, Tattoos: Possible tattoo on side of face


The man was wearing a beanie hat, blue jeans and a black jumper with his sleeves rolled up and he has 3 scars scratches on his arm and he was carrying cans of drinks in his hand. The man spoke with an English accent.

The man approached the pupil and tapped him on his arm and asked where his friends were going. The pupil continued to walk down the alleyway (Kingsley Road) with his brother and his friends ran off and continued on Kingsley Road, the man then walked away.

The school has been advised that the incident must be reported to the  police.


DATE/TIME: 11.11.2022 – 07:30am
LOCATION: Local area around St Lawrence Catholic Primary School

Gender: Male, Age: Middle aged, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Bald, Build: Tall


The police attended St Lawrence Catholic Primary School to advise that there is a local resident who is causing some problems around school at entry and exit times. He was seen photographing a young child in Tesco and also trying to talk to parents and children around the local area. He has been spoken to by the police and he insists he is just being friendly and is only there because it is his local area and he likes to walk.


DATE/TIME: 03.11.2022 – 8:45am
LOCATION: Market Place Bus Stop, Brentford High Street

Gender: Female


Two Year 7 students got off the bus and went to see the pigeons and were “messing around with them” when a lady came over and started video recording them on her phone. They walked away but eventually walked back to the bus stop to collect their friend and the lady was still there, she got her phone out and started recording them again. They walked to school and when they were at Butts estate they looked back and could see that she was still recording them. They called their parents to inform them and they told the children to report the incident to the school.


DATE/TIME: 01.11.2022 – 15:30hrs
LOCATION: Green Dragon Primary School

Gender: Male, Age: Late 40’s early 50’s, Skin Colour: Black, Clothing: Blue coat, grey tracksuit bottoms and trainers


On Albany Parade in Brentford a man approached a Year 6 pupil from Green Dragon Primary School with a small weapon which resembled a pair of dark scissors. He asked the child if he wanted it. A parent from the same school was walking by at the same time of the incident and saw and heard what the man had said. This parent steered the student away from the man. The man then walked away towards McDonald’s on Brentford High Street. The incident was reported to the police and school immediately.


DATE/TIME: 14.10.2022 – Before school
LOCATION: St Mary’s Catholic Primary, Isleworth

Gender: Male, Hair: Bald, Clothing: Black coat


A Year 6 pupil was walking to school and was approached by a man at the Isleworth War Memorial on the corner of South Street and Twickenham Road, who asked him for cigarettes. The boy continued to walk straight into school ignoring him. It may be unrelated but a man of a similar description often goes into a local café in South Street and argues with people. The child reported the incident to his teacher and SLT.


DATE/TIME: 13.09.2022 – 12:51pm
LOCATION: Reach Academy

Gender: Males, Age: Approx. 15-19, Skin Colour: 1 x White Male, 1 x Black Male & 1 x possible Asian heritage Male, Clothing: all wearing black clothing


Three males walked into the front office and walked straight to the main doors to enter. They were asked where their lanyards were to which they replied ‘we don’t have them’.

When they were challenged on why they did not have lanyards, they replied ‘because we don’t go to this school’. They were asked why they were here if they did not attend this school and they said that they thought they were allowed to sit in the school and wait for their friends. They were instantly asked them to leave and advised that this was not allowed. They replied ‘Ok, sorry’ and then walked away and left the building.


DATE/TIME: 09.09.2022 – approx. 8.10AM
LOCATION: Rivers Academy West London

Gender: Male, Age: Approx. 40-50, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Short brown hair, Moustache/Beard: No facial hair, Build: Medium, Car: Blue and Black Peugeot 107


Member of staff witnessed a man outside the school in a vehicle observing a child as she walked to school. They observed an older looking man in a 107 blue and black Peugeot, intensely watching one of the students as she was walking to school. They were confident that the man was not a parent as his car was situated further away from the school gates and he didn’t seem to have a child in his car. It may be nothing but they thought it would be worthwhile letting the school know as his gaze seemed inappropriate.


DATE/TIME: 04.07.2022 8.35AM
LOCATION: Hanworth Road, Hounslow

Gender: Male, Age: Approx 20-30, Skin Colour: Light Brown/Asian Appearance, Hair: Brown, Moustache/Beard: One Passenger had facial hair, Reg No: AG59 MXF

Our year 6 student was walking to school with his older brother who attends The Heathland School. They were in Hanworth Road, Hounslow and saw a car with 3 men inside it.
They all started shouting at our student like he had done something wrong to them, but he had done nothing at all – he was just walking to school. He doesn’t think they spotted his brother who was behind a bus stop at the time.
He reported that the driver looked ‘half asleep’, one passenger ‘was smoking’ and the other passenger ‘looked drunk’.
He felt very threatened


DATE/TIME: 30/06/2022 – 3.35pm
LOCATION: The William Hogarth School – Duke Road by Reckitt Road Chiswick

Gender: Male, Skin Colour: Tanned, Age: 30/40, Hair: Black – greasy/wet, Clothing: Blue Jumper and Tracksuit Bottoms


Two boys were walking/cycling home together from school when a man approached them and asked one of the boys to do him a favour and help him put his glasses on his face. The boy replied no thank you and they carried on their way. The man then started talking to other people who were close by. One of the boys said that he had seen this man a number of times looking at him and hanging around. The incident took place on Duke Road by the turning for Reckitt Road Chiswick.


DATE/TIME: 30/06/2022 – 2.30pm
LOCATION: Hounslow Town Primary School.

Gender: Male, Skin Colour: white, Age: approx.50, Hair: Bald, Build: Heavy, Clothing: White t-shirt and wearing sunglasses.


Report from staff members leaving the school car park of a man standing by the entrance gate with an alcoholic drink in his hand. When staff went out and started walking towards him he walked off.

Man was approximately 50 years old, heavy build and bald. Had a white t-shite on. Drinking from a white can and had a blue carrier bag in his hand. Was wearing sunglasses. Was stood at the vehicle gate, facing in towards the school.


DATE/TIME: 28/06/2022 – 4.15pm – 4.30pm
LOCATION: St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Isleworth – pelican crossing on the Twickenham Road near the junction of South Street.

Gender: Male, Skin Colour: unknown, Age: unknown, Clothing: unknown.


On leaving school after an afterschool club, a pupil was crossing the pelican crossing on the Twickenham Road near the junction of South Street. A small white van travelling in the direction of West Middlesex Hospital stopped for her to cross. She noticed that he appeared to be taking photos of her.


DATE/TIME: 22/06/2022 – 3.20pm
LOCATION: Isleworth Kebab – Busch Corner, London Road, Isleworth.

Gender: Male, Skin Colour: Light Brown, Age: 50s, Build: Medium – large belly, Hair: Bald, Clothing: White t-shirt with dark blue panel on the side and red AT writing, shorts, flip-flops and mirrored aviator sunglasses.


Students went into chip shop. A man was sat in the shop, he had finished eating. He began asking questions about which school they went to, what year are you in and about their uniform and asking whether they had sex education lessons. They asked him why did he want to know?  He said he was black and from Brixton. They told him to leave them alone. He got up and left. Students describe him as ‘zoning out’.


DATE/TIME: 27/05/22
LOCATION: Uxbridge Road (TW13 5EB) on the opposite side of the road to the swimming pool.

Gender: Male, Skin Colour: White, Age: 50s, Clothing: Bowler hat, Dark coloured jumper, sitting on plastic, green chair.

On her way into school this morning, a man tried to grab the hand or arm of a year 6, female student.

The location was a front garden of a private property, on Uxbridge Road (TW13 5EB) on the opposite side of the road to the swimming pool.

 The student said this man sits in his front garden often (right next to the pavement) and stares at her when she walks past. However, this morning he stared at her as she walked past and  he actually reached out to try and grab her hand or her arm.

She was very shaken and ran the rest of the way to school.


DATE/TIME: 26/05/22 12:45pm

Gender: Male, Age: 50-60, Hair: Grey, Build: Slim, Top: Grey Sweatshirt




Male, Age:20+, Height: 5’9-5’11, Build: Overweight, Skin Colour: Black, Hair: Bald/very little hair, Eyes: Brown & really wideDATE/TIME: 26/05/22 9:15am
LOCATION: Outside Isleworth train station

Year 9 Student reported that a black man in his 20s barged her when she came off the bus then proceeded to follow her. She was very frightened that he continued to follow her, even when she ran away. She ran to the train station as her friend was meeting her. He continued to follow her. A Middle Eastern man got between him and our student and told him to stop following her. This gave our student an opportunity to move from the man. Her and her friend then ran to school. Parents have been informed.


DATE/TIME:  18/05/22 am
LOCATION: Near Green Dragon Primary School

Gender: Man, Age: Late 20’s, Skin: Black, Build: Lightweight build, Clothes: Navy Blue Adidas tracksuit

A female student noticed she was being followed by a man as she passed a parade of shops. As she started to run towards the school gates, the male then got into an argument with another man outside the shops. It appeared both men had been drinking.

The student ran into school and informed the school office.

The male is described as being black, in his late 20’s, lightweight build and wearing a Navy blue Adidas tracksuit

The police have been informed


DATE/TIME: 16/05/22 & Various others.

LOCATION: Chiswick School and Cavendish Primary school vicinity

Gender: Male, Age: Late 20s/early 30s, Skin: Black, Trouser: Dark, Top: Dark Hoodie & White T-Shirt, Shoes: Trainers

We have had incidents reported to us in the Chiswick School and Cavendish Primary school vicinity of a man attacking or behaving aggressively towards local residents.  Police are aware of this man.


DATE/TIME: Friday 6th May, 3:30pm
LOCATION:  London Road, between Beech Road bus stop and Brent Lea bus stop

Gender: Male, Age: 50s, Height: Average, Build: Average, Skin: White, Hat: No, Hair: Greyish. Glasses: Yes, Shirt/Tie: Blue

– On 6/5/22 at c.3:30pm, a  student was walking on London Road towards Brentford with a friend.

– Before they reached Pets At Home, the student observed a white male in his late 50s, greyish hair and
of average height, wearing a blue shirt.

– The man appeared to be watching the people walking past – as well as the student and friend there
were other, younger, TGSG students around.

– As student and friend walked past, the man put his hands down his trousers. The student said he was
moving his hands around as if touching his genitalia.

– The man did not expose himself.

– The student and friend crossed the road, but kept an eye on the man.

– Once they had crossed the road, the man walked off.

– The student hadn’t seen the man before, and hasn’t seen him again.

– When the student got home, told Mum what had happened, who reported it to TGSG on 10/5/22


DATE/TIME: 17/03/22 8:30am
LOCATION: Hounslow Heath Junior School, Martindale Road near Corporation Avenue
Gender: Male, Build: Tall and chubby, Skin Colour: Asian, Jacket: Fleece with a grey pouch with Heathrow printed,

At 8:30am on Martindale Road close to Corporation Avenue a man approached and chased a pupil who was walking to school. He used inappropriate, sexual language towards her. The pupil was alone and did not respond. She ran and was chased on to Cambridge Road but he did not follow her any further.


DATE/TIME: 16/03/22 16:13pm
LOCATION: The Blue School, Manor house way just opposite school off North Street
Male, Age: 30’s, Hair: Ginger, Vehicle: Van

From a parent at school:

I just wanted to report something odds that happened on our way to school this morning.  The girls were walking a bit ahead of me and as we went round the bend I was temporarily out of sight. a man sitting in a stationary parked van started talking to the girls, mainly friendly chit chat but it was very odd for a total stranger to suddenly start talking to the girls. He was asking them where they were going etc

What unsettled me was the look of surprise and of being caught out on his face when I appeared round the corner.  It was like when somebody suddenly stops talking when someone they are talking about walks into the room.

He didn’t say anything to me which in a way unsettled me more because if his intentions were just friendly chit chat then surely, he would have continued chatting to me as well instead he looked startled and didn’t say anything to me.  it is probably nothing but it just made me very uneasy as it was very odd and the guilty look on his face stayed with me all morning so I have reported it to the police they are following up by coming round to discuss with the girls but I just thought I should tell school about it in case so people can be more vigilant.


DATE/TIME: 15/03/22 7:46am
LOCATION: Market Place bus stop, Brentford
Gender:Male, Age: Approx 30, Build: Slim, Skin Colour: Light Brown, Hat: Yes, Hair: Brown, Moustache/Beard: Yes to both, T-Shirt: White, Jacket: Yellow hoodie, Trousers: Blue Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Shoes

Student was about to get off the bus (237) at Market Place, Brentford but she saw this man (same man as last time – School Watch, dated 9.3.22) standing on the pavement near the bus stop so she decided to stay on the bus until the next stop and then got off and came into school.  She called her mum and mum told her to report it again and when she got to school the Schools Officer was there so she told her about it (PC Dracup) and school completed this Schools Watch.


DATE/TIME: 09/03/22 Between 7:30 & 8:30 am
LOCATION: 235 Bus from The Bell to Brentford
Gender: Male, Age: Approx 30, Build: Slim, Skin Colour: Light Brown, Hat: Yes, Hair: Brown, Moustache/Beard: Yes both, Shirt/T-Shirt: White with tie, Coat/Jkt: Yellow Hoodie, Trs: Blue Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Shoes

Student got on the bus and was standing near the doors and a few stops later she felt someone staring at her.  She looked over and this man was sitting at the back in the middle and when she looked at him he starting licking his lips and smiling at her trying to get her attention.  Other students got on the bus and saw him do this.  He made the student feel very uncomfortable and frightened her so she called her mum who reported it to me today.


DATE/TIME: 08/03/2022 Approx 8am
LOCATION: On the E8 bus heading for Brentford
Gender: Male, Age: Between 50 & 60, Hair: Light Brown, Hat\Glasses: Was wearing glasses

A pupil was on the E8 bus sitting near the window. A white man described as big build, between 50-60 years old, with light brown hair, glasses and wearing trousers. The pupil felt the man was invading their space as his elbow was touching the pupil and this made the pupil feel very uncomfortable.  The pupil noticed that the man was on his phone and it looked like he was looking at Google search of children in school uniform.


DATE/TIME: 08/03/2022   12:30 – 14:45pm
LOCATION: Dragon Primary School, Main school entrance
Gender: Male, Age: Early 60’s, Height: 6ft, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Hat: Grey wooly hat, Coat: Black & Grey puffer Jkt, Trs: Blue denium jeans, Shoes\Boots: Black or Blue, Bag/Umbrella etc: was holding slices of bread

BRIEF DETAILS OF INCIDENT: Man entered school gates whilst they opened for nursery drop off between 12.30 – 12.45pm. He stood looking in through the fence while children were playing. When approached by a member of staff and asked to leave the grounds he became abusive, swearing, spitting and threatening to kill her if he saw her again. He was also abusive and threatening to a parent who asked him to leave the school grounds.
Police were called and attended immediately but the man had already left the school site and area.


DATE/TIME: 25/02/2022 8am approx
LOCATION:  Brockshott Road, Brentford
Gender: Male, Age: approx 25, Skin colour: Dark skin, Height: unknown, Build: unknown, Vehicle: Van – white with colourful patterns

A student was walking to school and took a shortcut through some houses when they noticed a white van driving slowly alongside them, if they walked faster or stopped walking, the van did the same. The student called their friend whilst heading for an area where cars didn’t have access and luckily there was a police car who came to their aid. Police officers brought the student into school.


DATE/TIME: 08/02/2022 8:20am
LOCATION:  Area surrounding West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth, TW7 6AF
Gender: x2 Males, Height: Average, Build: Average, Hat/Coat: Black coats – Hoods up, Hair: Dark, Trs: Dark

A Student reported that two men had seen her when she was walking past the hospital. They crossed the road and she felt they were going to approach her, but she saw another student and started walking with her.
She said the men followed her but when the student got to the school gate they were nowhere to be seen. A member of staff looked for them to make sure they had gone and to get a better description but the staff member thinks the two men had probably continued up the road to either Syon Lane or along London Rd.
The student described the men as average build wearing black, one had a coat on and both had hoods up so she couldn’t see their faces. They both seemed drunk.
The student was clearly anxious about the incident, once she explained what had happened and felt safe in School, she seemed more settled and went off to registration.


DATE/TIME: 31.01.22
LOCATION: St Lawrence
Gender: Male, Age: 40’s, Height: 5’10”, Build: Well Built, Skin colour: Black, Hair: Short/Black, Eyes: unknown, Shirt/Tie: none, Coat/Jkt: Dark coloured, Skirt/Trs: Dark, Shoes/Boots: unknown, Voice/Accent: unknown.


Specsavers called the school to tell us that a man was sat on the wall by the Nursery/Office entrance. Site Manager approached and asked to move. Explained that local residents had made the school aware of him loitering. Asked to move along and explained why man refused.
Headteacher attended and asked to move and was blanked. Police informed.


DATE/TIME: 20/1/22 9.00-9.05
LOCATION: Burlington Lane
Gender: Male, Age: 52, Height:5″9′, Build: Slim, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Grey/Brown and short, Eyes: Not known, Moustache/Beard: Short beard, Coat/Jkt: Dark colour Jkt, Skirt/ Trs: Dark, Voice/Accent: Scouse Accent

A man walked towards the student and asked the student for directions to Chiswick grounds He had a scouse accent. When the student was giving these directions another man approached the student and the first gentleman and said “Are you guys lost?” and noticed the man also had a scouse accent. The student left the two men and walked on.

The second man approached the student on Burlington lane after Co-op towards Chiswick School. Student was listening to music and noticed the man beside her. He said “you are so helpful, don’t worry the other man will find his way”. He then asked the student their name and they gave it. He repeated their name a few time and kept walking with the student asking where they were from and where their grandparents were from. He was smoking heavily. The student crossed the road the early the man kept walking and crossed the road further down and shouting the student’s name. The student ignored but the man approached her again and said his name was Stevie. He told her he worked at Sainsbury’s and now works at WH Smith. The student asked him where he was going and he said Staveley Gardens. The student turned into school then and left the man.


DATE/TIME: 17/01/22
LOCATION: Staveley Rd car park entrance to school W4
Gender: Male, Age: 35-45, Height: 6ft plus, Build: Slim, Skin: White, Hat: no, Hair: Brown/balding, Glasses: Sunglasses, Coat: Blue, Skirt/Trs: Grey


Spotted by 6th formers at gate with phone out – suspected of taking pictures of students on playing field but had disappeared by the time a staff member came out


DATE/TIME: 14.01.22 / 14:30
LOCATION: Berkeley Academy

Gender: Male, Age: unknown, Height: unknown, Build: unknown, Skin colour: unknown, Hair: unknown, Eyes: unknown, Shirt/Tie: unknown, Coat/Jkt: unknown, Skirt/Trs: unknown, Shoes/Boots: unknown, Voice/Accent: Deep voice / London accent.


A man called the Academy at approximately 14:30 claiming to be from CAFCASS, and wanting some information for a father who did not know the whereabouts of his children. He was asked to send an email to verify who he was, and he repeated he was from CAFCASS. When asked his name, he said Andrew, and had to be pushed to give the surname Alonz. He seemed cagey, and when pushed for an email handed the phone to a second man who said he was the children’s father. This man said he did not know where his children were, and his tone became more confrontational when he was not given information. He was told to call Social Care or the Police if he was concerned. He called back a second time, and was told the same thing.


DATE/TIME: 13.01.22/ 9:50am
LOCATION: Oriel Academy, Front gate/Reception area

Gender: Male, Age: 20-27, Height: 5’8″, Build: Medium, Skin colour: Olive, Hair: Black, Loose & Curly, Eyes: Brown, Shirt/Tie: T-shirt, Coat/Jkt: Black/dark bomber jkt, Skirt/Trs: Dark Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Black work boots, Voice/Accent: Softly spoken, Bag: Blue back pack.

This man rang the school buzzer at the gate. He said he had come to have a look round the nursery. On speaking to him in person, he seemed very vague and slightly confused, wanting to ask 5 questions. He was escorted off the premises by the site manager in a calm manner.

Local day nursery and judo club informed. He had also spoken to them and said his name was Mathew Arnold.


DATE/TIME: 13.01.22
LOCATION: Cranford Primary School, Top of Berkley Avenue
Gender: Male, Age: 20-30s, Height: 5ft 6, Build: Average: Skin Colour: Asian, Hair: Black, Moustache/Beard: Short Beard, Coat: Black coat-puffer jkt, Trs/Dress: Jogging bottoms, Voice/Accent: Local Accent


Member of staff walking to work at 6am when approached by a man who grabbed her arm and touched her inappropriately. When she pushed him away and shouted, he put his hands down his trousers and continued to verbally make sexual comments. She then walked away and he walked in the opposite direction towards the main Bath Road.

The police are aware.


DATE/TIME: 11.01.22
LOCATION: Brentford School for Girls
Gender: Female, Age: 40, Height: 5ft 11, Skin: White, Eyes: Brown, Coat: 3 coats, Trs/Skirt: Dark blue jeans, Top: Black Hoody, Hat: Red Beany Hat, Shoes: White Trainers, Bag: Large white bag.

The female appeared confused or drunk.

The female gained entry through the main gate behind a student and made her way into the school buildings where she attempted to access classrooms. The Caretaker managed to find her and escort her from the site.


DATE/TIME: 17/12/21 12pm approx
LOCATION: Arts Theatre Treaty Centre Hounslow
Gender: Male, Age: 50-60, Height: 5’10”, Skin: Black, Coat: Dark, Jumper: Dark, Trousers: Dark


When Y5 arrived at the Treaty Centre for the Panto, a member of the public entered the theatre claiming he was with the school party and had a nephew in Y5 and saying he needed to be “sorted out” He sat near the children.. He smelt of alcohol and was abrupt. Staff immediately informed security that he was not linked to the school. Security removed him from the theatre.


DATE/TIME: 13/12/21 15:45
LOCATION: Westbrook Primary Heston (School Premises)
Gender: Male, Age:50+, Height: 5’3″, Build: Slight, Skin Colour: Brown, Hair: Black, Coat/Jacket: Long Grey Puffer Jkt, Voice/Accent: Korean/limited English


Came into the school playground when children were being collected at the end of the day and tried to enter the reception class.  She was asking for help and was approached by the parent support Advisor who spoke with her outside the classroom.  She insisted that her child had previously come to Westbrook and she was told to come here for help.  She asked the PSA to read a piece of paper she handed over and then respond with help and support.  The paper she handed over was just a page torn from a book.  The PSA checked she had accommodation to go to and she was able to produce a house key and confirm her address. She had papers on her that showed she had been getting support from a key worker in another area however they were now signposting her to Ealing. She was advised to go to Hounslow House on Monday to access the correct support as she was saying she has problems with housing etc.  On more than one occasion, she tried to enter the building but listened when told not to.


DATE/TIME: 13/12/21  7:15
On 111 Bus on the way to Hounslow Bus station
Gender: Male, Age: 20+, Height: Average, Build: Slight, Skin Colour: Brown, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Moustache/Beard: He had both, Hat: Red baseball cap, Coat/Jkt: Green Jkt, Jumper: Black Hoodie, Voice/Accent: Indian Accent

Student reported that 2 Indian men sat in front of them and next to a younger student from a different school. Whatever was said, the girl moved downstairs. The man in front turned to speak with our pupil. He asked if pupil went to school (pupil was in uniform), if pupil had a phone to take his number (pupil said they did not have it). He said he was in the country for a month and he had no friends. He said he was studying for his Masters and that if pupil wants weed or alcohol he has that on him. Pupil said no. He said he would be happy for pupil to meet him anytime and would wait for her every morning so they can get the bus together. Student then went to downstairs and completed the rest of journey. pupil has been given alternative route to school and parents informed.


DATE/TIME: 01/12/21 4:30pm
E3 bus Chiswick High Road
Gender: Male, Age: 40’s, Height: Short, Skin: Asian, Facial Hair: Goatie, Coat: Grey, long.


A man allegedly put his hands on girls’ legs and said “you are beautiful”.  This happened last month but they saw him on the bus again last night as above.  Police have been informed.


DATE/TIME: 23/11/21 11.00am
LOCATION: Oriel Academy, School Gates
Gender: Female, Age: 50+, Height: 5’3″, Build: Medium, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Blonde-White, Coat: Black 3/4 length, Skirt/Trs: Black Trs, Voice/Accent: Scottish – Gruff

Came to the school gate asking to pick her grandson up. She asked for a Damion/Jamie? her grandson.

She wanted to pick him up for a doctor’s appointment. She said he was 10 years old but didn’t know which class.

She would not come to the office. Our welfare Assistant went to talk to her at the gate, but she kept walking away and shouting that she had already told us the name 3 times.

She walked a bit like a penguin and may have been drinking.

She eventually left.


DATE/TIME: 15/11/2021
LOCATION: Info from a member of the public to Grove Park, Thames Road – Chiswick
Gender: Male, Car Make Model: BMW Converible, Colour: White, Doors: 2, Other: Was a soft top and was very dirty and dusty.

Brief Details Of Incident:
Grove Park and other local schools recieved an e mail from a member of the publc:
“A man inappropriately exposing and touching himself in his car on the Thames Road today to everyone walking past just after school pick-up”

Police have been notified

DATE/TIME: 15/11/2021
LOCATION:Thames Road, Chiswick. Along from the school
Gender: Male, Car Make/Model: BMW Convertible, Colour: White with black roof.

It has been reported to the school, by a parent, that a man was in the vehicle inappropriately exposing and touching himself, on Thames Road, today to everyone walking past just after school pick-up (after 3.30pm). The parent has also reported the incident to police giving the registration number of the car.


DATE/TIME: 8:15-8:30am 15/11/21
Gender: Male, Age: About 26, Height: 5″.10″, Build: Thick set, Skin: Black, Hat: Bobble Hat, Hair: Black hair, Eyes: Dark Brown, Coat: Black Parka

Man was punching and kicking the chair in front of him every time the us stopped at a bus stop. Man was resting his head on the head rest of the bus, asked to lift his head he just refused and ignored everyone. The man smelt disgusting. He refused anyone to sit next to him. The man was looking in a weird way at people and was wearing a rubber mask


DATE/TIME: 4/11/21 8am
LOCATION: E3 bus- Meon Road Acton
Gender: Female, Age: 20-30, Height: Average, Build: Stout, Skin: Mixed Race, Hat: Black Sweatband, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Coat: Grey and Long, Skirt/Dress/Trs: Blue & Purple Leopard Print Dress, Shoes/Boots: Boots, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Blue Handbag


The woman got on the bus and sat next to a student – tried to put her arm around him, as he moved away she put him in headlock.  She propositioned the students and spoke to them in highly sexualised way. She also started talking about Islam.  When another student boarded the bus and sat next to her, she licked her finger and put it in his ear. When they left the bus, she got off and chased after them.

This has been reported to the police.


DATE/TIME: Tue 2nd Nov @ Noon, Wed 3rd Nov @ 14:30 & Thu 4th Nov @ 16:00
LOCATION: Brooks Lane/Thames Road, W4 3NX
Gender: Male & Female, Skin: White, Hair: Male dark hair, female Blonde Hair

One male, white, 20s/30s, tall, skinny/gaunt, dark hair, black bomber jacket, One female, white, 20s/30s, average height, skinny, blonde hair tied up, black jacket.
For three days in succession, these two individuals were seen outside the school acting suspiciously. They were hanging around and then left abruptly in different directions. On Tuesday one of them cycled away suddenly. It is unclear whether the bike was theirs. Nothing has been reported stolen by Strand Juniors, or to the best of my knowledge, by Strand Infants. Our Head will notify our local community liaison police officer.


DATE/TIME: 02/11/21
LOCATION: Hounslow Heath Infant School
Gender: Male, Height: Tall, Skin: Asian, Hair: Dark, Shirt/Coat: White Shirt, blue coat with a cream wool collar, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Sunglasses on forhead, Vehicle: White Range Rover.

Please be aware of the  School Watch incident that took place on 2nd November 2021 at Hounslow Heath Infant School. A tall Asian male with dark hair, sunglasses on his forehead, wearing a white shirt and a blue coat with a cream wool collar was seen sitting on top of a White Range Rover. The male was seen watching and taking photographs of the children in the front area of the school playground over the front Hedge of Martindale Road. The male was told to stop and get down which he did, but then drove around the block and came back and did the same thing.


DATE/TIME: 21/10/21
LOCATION: The Green School For Girls, by the school gates.
Gender: Female, Age: over 40, Height: 5’5″, Build: Medium, Skin: White

Anti vax campaigners protesting by the school gate and trying to distribute leaflets to students.


DATE/TIME: 20/10/2021 – 16:30pm
LOCATION: Belgrave Road, Hounslow
Gender: Male, Age: Mid 30’s, Height: 5’8″/5’9″, Skin: Black, Hair: Short Black , Coat/Jkt: Black Jkt, Skirt/Trousers/Dress: Jeans,

A man approached a Year 6 child walking home along the Bath Road, near Cloisters Nursing Home, who tried to force him to take a can of fanta “saying this is for you”. The child ran to his mum who works in Cloisters and the incident reported to school this morning. The man appeared to be drunk and walked away.


DATE/TIME: 08/10/2021  –  9.25am
LOCATION: By Bedfont Library
Gender: Male, Age: Mid 30’s, Height: 5ft’10”, Build: Heavy build, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Hardly any, Jumper: Blue long sleeved Jumper/jacket, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Work Bag.

A former student was bringing her siblings into school.  They got off the bus at Bedfont Library and a man whistled and said “excuse me have you got a sec”.  They continued their walk to school and the man followed.  She dropped her siblings off and continued on her journey to school, she noticed he was still following and shouting out “excuse me have you got a sec”. She was worried and phoned Mum, Mum phoned the school office and she was advised to tell her Daughter to come back into the school.  Mum told us she would come and pick her up.

Mum was advised to report it to the police.


DATE/TIME: 7/10/21 8.20am
LOCATION: Kingsley Academy, Cecil Road entrance
Gender: Male, Age: mid thirties, Height: about 5’10”, Build: Stocky, Skin Colour: White, Hat: Black Cap, Glasses: Yes, Coat/Jkt: Black Jacket, Skirt/Trs/ Dress: Jeans

An intruder made an attempt to enter the school site this morning.
He was a white male, stocky in build, had glasses on, wearing a black cap and black jacket. His reason for entering was to collect a prospectus from reception. He also claimed that he had been in the school many times before. Amongst other things, he stated that he had no computer, had an NVQ Level 2 certificate on his wall at home and was a student in the school.

The police have been notified.


DATE/TIME: 4.10.21  11.30am
LOCATION: Town Primary, School Car Park
Gender: Female, Age: 45, Height: 5’10”, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Hair: Brown Pony Tail

BRIEF DETAILS OF INCIDENT: A white female entered school car park and was seen checking car doors to see if they were open. Had a black alcohol can in her hand which she was drinking. She had a black handbag over her shoulder.

When asked to leave by a senior member of staff, she said “OK, sorry” and walked out towards Pears Road.


DATE/TIME: 29/09/2021 3.45pm
LOCATION: Junction of Salisbury Road and Beavers Lane
Gender: Male, Height: 5’4″, Bulid: Slight, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Black trousers.

As a member of staff walked home with her child, an Indian man emerged from bushes near the Salisbury Road and Beavers Lane junction and appeared to be following them.  There was no conversation, but he followed them for some way.

Our member of staff called the Police


DATE/TIME: 20/09/21 15:10pm
LOCATION: Rivers Academy, Walking home from school.
Gender: Male, Age: 60, Skin: White, Hair: Grey with full beard, Shirt/Tie: White & red checked shirt, Trouser: Jeans of denium colour


Man in 60’s was sitting down on the pavement by Ruskin Avenue and was attempting to get girls to go over to him by saying ‘You come here, I’ve got something for you.’


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