Community and Parent Praise

Dear Mrs Linney and Miss Taylor,

I wanted to share my feedback about today’s assembly.
An excellent performance by pupils of class 5M ,hard work and cooperation that was presented to parents in the form of news, very thought, songs, and the importance of each subject.

As parents, we are extremely thankful to the school for organising this event, and most special thanks to the class teacher, Miss Moorshead, and the whole year 5 team.
Always encouraging and motivating our children to move forward in the right direction.

Thank you


It’s overwhelming to see our children confidently engaged in different activities! These are the learning missions carried out yesterday during the showcase “Journey to the Amazon “.The hard work and careful planning of teachers is clearly demonstrated. I loved the idea of pupils creativity and their understanding .They know how to research, plan and implement their ideas, while building teamwork! I would like to thank the 5M teacher and the whole Year 5 team of their incredible efforts in putting on an outstanding showcase event.
Parent - 5M

Thank you so much for your gift of £ 67.50 to Shooting Star Children's Hospices. The majority of our income comes from voluntary donations, so your generosity is vital in keeping our service running.

Whether lives are measured in days, weeks, months or years, we are here to make every moment count. Our bespoke support is free of charge to families and includes a comprehensive range of therapies and support groups for the whole family, specialist nursing care and respite, symptom management, end-of-life care and bereavement support. Daily life for families who have a child with a life-limiting condition is unpredictable. That’s why our care service is available 365 days a year.

"Shooting Star Children's Hospices enabled us to spend time with our beautiful Annie after she had passed away. They gave us much needed time to cuddle her, to kiss her, to tell her how much we loved her and for our tears to flow." Claire, Annie's mum

Your gift ensures we can support families facing the unimaginable today, tomorrow and for years to come".

Shooting Star Children's Hospices

"I am writing this email to show my sincerest gratitude for this school, I appreciate the way that this educational institution runs. In my 4 years of Leisure Centre experience I never met such an organised and respectful team which reflects on the amazing behaviour of your students. I am proud to say that I have been swim teaching this school. Just keep up your extraordinary work, thank you for all your efforts"
Amanda Ferreira - Feltham Air Parks

"I am writing to inform you how delighted we are to see our son is applying school values not only inside the school but also in a variety of life situations as well.

The extensive emphasis school put on the values enabled him to objectively critique and reflect on his behaviour and others through the lenses of value. Our son is currently able to articulate and justify his actions and able to give feedback to adults based on School values. As his parents, we find it very useful to give him feedback whether it is positive or negative. All we have to do is describe his action, and ask him to check whether that is reflective of school values- ie," Self-worth, Engagement and Purpose." This helps him to understand the impact of his behaviour easily and find a way to modify his behaviour in the future.

I can enumerate several times when he gently asked me to reflect on the impact of my actions using school values. For eg; " Daddy do you think your action had any purpose? Daddy, do you think you disregard your self-worth?. He asked these questions when I did a risky jump from one stone in a forest stream to another and ended up with a fall.

Thank you for recognising his value-based behaviour practices at school a few weeks ago through the Principal's award which certainly acted as a positive reinforcement for him to take home the learning he received from the school.

This year our son has decided to forgo his Birthday presents to raise funds for Endometriosis UK, a charity that supports women who suffer from an extremely painful condition that affects 1/10 women in the UK and takes an average of 8 years to diagnose. In his words " It is so unfair that some of my friends had to suffer this horrible thing just because of the way they are born and science and researchers should come with a cure for them. It makes me so sad to know a lot of women are in pain." With another month before his birthday, he has already collected 230 pounds for this charity and hoping to raise at least £500 by his birthday.

I have also had the privilege to join teachers and children on the school trip to Kew Gardens to observe the teaching and learning process in action and I am very pleased to say the children behaved extremely very well and I could see how passionate the whole team about their profession and expert in what they do.

I would like to thank you and the school governance and leadership team for your strategic vision and Miss Suarez and Miss Folly to make it an operational reality for my son and his classmates. I am happy for you to share the content of this letter with your team or any other relevant bodies.

Please let me know if I can help the school or the team in any way"
Year 3 Parent

"Can I please take this opportunity thank you for the opportunities I have had at Oak Hill. It has been a pleasure to work with both staff and children alike. It is amazing the transformation that has taken place since becoming an Academy. I am in constant awe at the enthusiasm, hard work and commitment of the staff to improving the life chances of the children by offering them an incredible education alongside incredible pastoral support. May this long continue"

Previous staff member

"I’m just sending a quick email with some feedback from last week (work with your child). On Tuesday and Friday, I had the opportunity to work with my daughter in 3S and with son in 6C. It’s so great to see a good teaching with such enthusiasm for profession! I wanted to let you know that your staff are doing a great job and we support them so much in what they are. Honestly both quality of teachings were outstanding. I am amazed that the learning of the year 6 pupils was also exceptional and that they are making great strides in their knowledge, skills and understanding on the subject which I really enjoyed (at the heart of the jungle) making me feel like a student in front of a science professor"

I liked Miss Caldwell's teaching and method, her work plan is very efficient and exciting, she ensured that it was closely tailored to the abilities of each student in class. The support staff Mrs Yattou, her passion and dedication is beyond words!

Pupils were extremely positive about learning and want to do their very best. Their behaviour in lessons is excellent and they work readily with others to make the most of their learning.

During the final product, their relations were excellent ,they interacted amiably with one other. A positive atmosphere in the school nurtures pupils personal development and helps them to develop into mature and reflective youngsters.

Well done to year 6C and 3S team and pupils.

"I just wanted to say, what a privilege and pleasure it was to be invited to see year 3C’s assembly. The children were absolutely brilliant and I could appreciate just how much work and organisation the staff had put into it. Thank you for a superb time, keep up the amazing work"
Lydia Elliott - Petrov

"It was a pleasure to be able to accommodate the children, they were a credit to you and your school!"
Waterstones - Staines

"On behalf of my swimming teachers, we wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to teach your Year 6 children.

All of the children, especially the current children (class 6M – Miss Moorshead) have been well behaved, polite, kind to each other and most importantly keen to learn. All three of the swimming teachers have nothing but positive feedback for the school. As so many children have missed out on learning to swim throughout all of the lockdowns, it is lovely to teach such well behaved children who are keen to learn."

Joanna Casey - Swimming Lesson Manager - everyone active - Sunbury Leisure Centre

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to volunteer with your school, I am learning so much information which is greatly assisting me with my course."
Student Volunteer

"We want to say a heartfelt thank you for the support, encouragement, challenge and nurturing you have invested in our son. He has loved coming to school over the last three years, and has overcome the anxieties he felt in Year 3. You have both been significant in that journey and we are incredibly grateful for your belief in him. He has left this afternoon feeling happy, content, valued, proud, and also excited for his next adventure."
Mr and Mrs Pearce

"I would like to thank you for handing over my child's care to his new class teacher, the manner in which you have done so is testament to your professionalism, but more importantly to me - it bears testament to your genuine care. I already feel confident that my son is in good hands with his new teacher, and I wish you the very best in your career - beginning with this next step."
E - Parent

"I would like to express our gratitude to all involved with the year 4 beach trip yesterday. After such a tough couple of years for the children it was such a lovely thought. You have no idea how desperate my daughter was to go to the beach, and the opportunity to do so with her school friends and Teachers was for her just amazing. Everything was so well organised that I had no problem allowing her to go on what was her first school trip without one of us as a parent helper. She has been making sure her bag had everything needed since Monday and had me and her brother up extra early this morning as we could not be late. She had the best time and came home with a marvellous ear to ear smile that bought a tear to my eyes. Thank you Oak Hill it was truly appreciated."
Kate Pothecary

"It is reassuring to hear that in class, my child, is able to stay focused and that you are so aware of the support and strategies that help her to achieve her best."
ANON - Parent

"I would like to thank you for all your help and time over the years. My eldest started at your school and my youngest is now leaving. The school has been fantastic and we wish you all the best in the future. Thank you"
The Hales Family

"Just to say that the support from the school has been fantastic and the emails are greatly received. The work set for the children also isn't unreasonable which is great as we are both working parents trying to work from home! But essentially I wanted to say that you are all doing a great job under very difficult circumstances"

"I just wanted to say that I was reduced to tears watching the Year 5 performance today, it was absolutely amazing, such a pleasure to watch, what powerful singing. Some of those children should be in drama club!
I watched the productions of every year this week, and even though I have children in Year 6 and 4, I have to say that Year 5 was by far the best! Many thanks for a great afternoon!"

Mrs Brown - Parent

"I just wanted to write and congratulate you on the fantastic performance last night. Lewis, Alice and I loved it. The genie was fabulous, and the other highlight for me was seeing the child at the beginning singing her heart out, I had to get my tissues out! Alice said the casting was spot on. It was lovely to come back to OHA as well, really great. I am also going to email Mrs Saim to sing your praises!"

Julie, Lewis and Alice Brown

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