Classes 2022/23

Class Name
Additional Staff
Year 3
Mrs A Pustianu Year Team Leader 3P Miss L Summers
Mrs S Monks Assistant Team Leader 3M Mrs D Vattekkat
Miss F Begum Class Teacher 3B Mrs D Cockerell
Miss A Onafowokan Class Teacher 3O
Year 4
Miss E Seymour Year Team Leader 4S Miss A Barnett
Mrs E Berry Assistant Team Leader 4OB Mrs D Folly
Mrs S Obaid Class Teacher 4OB Mrs N Yattou
Mr T Jones Class Teacher 4J
Miss M Hakimi Class Teacher 4H
Year 5
Mrs A Penycate Year Team Leader 5P Mrs J King
Mrs Y Rice Assistant Team Leader 5R Miss M Mussa
Miss A Moorshead Class Teacher 5M Mrs L Roberts
Mr G Ridgway Class Teacher 5GR Miss S Aslam
Year 6
Miss H Caldwell Year Team Leader 6C Miss I Taliwanth
Miss L Hitchell Assistant Team Leader 6H Ms I Tan
Mr F Walsh Class Teacher 6W Miss C Kenna
Miss K Razzaq Class Teacher 6R


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