School Watch


All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system. This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified. Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

DATE/TIME: Thursday 15th July, During Lunchtime.

LOCATION:  Hounslow Town Primary School

Gender: 2 Males, Items: Mobile Phone


Four year 6 pupils were playing basketball on the playground, when 2 men came down the ramp from the car park with a mobile phone. The men appeared to point the phones at the pupils and film them.  The pupils reported the incident to staff as they were concerned the video may get posted online. Unfortunately there is no description of the men. School have been monitoring the situation and have not informed the police


DATE/TIME: Friday 16th July 11:20am

LOCATION: Beavers Community Primary School (School Field)

Gender: Male, Age: Late 20s, Height: 5’10”, Skin Colour: Asian, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Carrying an Arsenal Bag.


 At around 11:20, 4 children were sitting at the back of the field (on the logs). A man walked past and they could see his phone was pointing at them. One child said. ‘Why are you filming us?’ He turned his phone to show them that he was facetiming his little brother. The children told him to stop and he walked on.


DATE/TIME: Friday 9th July around 8:15am ish

LOCATION: Outside Co-Op by Chiswick Station

Gender: Male, Height: 5ft 8, Skin: White, Hair: Balding, Jumper: Grey Hoodie


A drunk man near the Coop swore at some of our students & pushed/shoved them out of the way.


DATE/TIME: Wednesday 7th July, 17:00pm

LOCATION: From McDonalds Feltham down Bedfont Lane

Gender: Male, Height: Short, Build: Medium, Skin: Dark Skin (Indian), Hair: Black, gelled back, Coat: Dark Denium Jacket, Trousers: Dark Brown.


A Year 7 student in our school reported that yesterday while leaving her a group of friends from the High Street to go home a man spotted her and smiled at her. She did not respond. She reported it made her feel very uneasy. She said he started to follow her. At first she thought he might be going to the train station but he continued to follow her beyond the station and down Bedfont lane for about 10-15 minutes. She walked faster and faster until she managed to lose him in a crowd behind her. Schools police officers have been notified.


DATE/TIME: Wednesday 7th July between 8:15am and 8:25am

LOCATION: 111 bus stop by Hounslow bus garage on Kingsley Road

Gender: Male, Skin: White, Height: 5ft 8″, Age: Approx 30 years old, Hair: Blond, thinning, Top: Grey Hoodie.


He said something to the member of staff before physically assaulting her by hitting her in the side.

The incident is believed to be a random attack and has been reported to the police.


DATE/TIME: Wednesday 30th  June 2021 at 13:00pm

LOCATION: Hanworth Airpark

Gender: Male, Skin: Asian, Coat: Blue Rain Coat


An Asian male wearing a blue rain coat came out of the bushes and started to follow a lady who was walking her dog.  The lady felt uncomfortable and left the Airpark.  This was reported to a Springwest SMSA’s on lunch duty.  No other information reported.


DATE/TIME: Monday 28th June at 15:12pm

LOCATION: Isleworth and Syon School.

Gender: Male, Skin: Black, Build: Stocky, Hair: Bald Head, Height: approx 6ft, Shirt/Top: Red Top and Dark Hoody, Skirt/Trs: Dark Trousers, Bag/Items: Rucksack and wearing a black lanyard that said student ID (card was not visible).


The man came on Isleworth and Syon school site from entrance gate towards the new building. He then turned and went towards PE office then came down the steps and followed a female member of staff into the new building.  He entered a room and walked towards the member of staff who then challenged him. He showed her his mobile phone where he had written ‘Isleworth and Syon Term Dates 2021-2022’ and mumbled. He then showed his phone screen which said ‘Going home’. He never spoke, only grunted/ mumbled. She walked towards the door where he then left the new building and walked towards the same gates, leaving at around 3.20pm.


DATE/TIME: Friday 25th June at 15:30pm

LOCATION: On a 235 bus by West Thames College

Gender: Male, Age: 20, Height: 6ft, Build: Over Weight


A black male described as 20 years old, 6ft tall and over weight approached two Year 7 students on the 235 bus by West Thames College. Both girls received unwanted physical attention and were touched on the arms, shoulders and hands. The incident has been reported to the police.


DATE/TIME: Thursday 24th June

LOCATION: Burlington Lane by visitor entrance to school Chiswick

Gender: Male, Age: 25-35, Height: 5″5, Build: Average, Skin: Mixed Race, Hat: Black cap on backwards, Hair: Black, Shirt/Top: Black Top, Skirt/Trs: Khaki Trousers, Shoes/Boots: Possibly Nike, SCARS/TATTOOS: Tattoos on arms and neck, braces on teeth,  BAG/UMBRELLA/ITEMS: Fluorescent yellow road bike.


Man approached our students and  cut off the pathway with his bike and said “I’m looking for someone smart here to agree with me that COVID isn’t real – don’t get the vaccine” and then he got out his phone and was showing the boys websites of the number of deaths allegedly caused by the vaccine. When he saw the teachers he said “I’ll come again tomorrow so we can talk some more” – the students say he wasn’t aggressive but was very forward in his views to get his point across.


DATE/TIME: 24/06/2021, 12:15pm

LOCATION: Flats opposite Hounslow Town Primary school.

Gender: Male, Age: 30-40ish, Height: Average, Build: Medium, Skin: Asian with a hairy chest, Shoes/Boots: Trainers.


Man standing on his balcony with towel around his waist. Bare chested. Shouting and swearing at the children on the playground and sticking two fingers up. Police have been notified.


DATE/TIME: 16/06/2021, 8:55am

LOCATION: Bridge gate entrance to Cranford Community College.

Gender: Male, Age: Approx 40-50, Height: Medium Height & Build, Hair: Short dark, T-Shirt: Bareclona FC polo shirt: Trousers: Jeans.


A male described as British Indian aged approximately 40-50 years old, and of medium height and build. He has short dark hair and his eyes were half shut. The male was wearing Barcelona FC polo shirt and Jeans and walked with a limp. The male was seen by a member of staff standing on the path way by the field, he was staring at the fence and trees at the bridge gate entrance to Cranford Community College. When the staff member approached the male he started to walk back towards the bridge gate, the staff member called for him to stop but he continued to walk. The staff member caught up with him and he said he was just walking around and kept saying ‘I have done nothing wrong’ however he seemed very nervous and left school site.


DATE/TIME: 7/06/2021, 8:30am

LOCATION: Hounslow Town Primary, School Gates

Gender: Males x 2, Age: 30 to 40ish, Height: 5ft 5″, Skin: White, Hat: Baseball caps, Shoes/Boots: Trainers.


Two men – approx. 30-40ish carrying alcohol and smoking. Clearly drunk, saw one of our Year 6 students near our school gates. They said “look it’s a girl” Looked her up and down and then just walked off. The student was quite distressed and afraid.


DATE/TIME: 27th May 2021 at 8:30am

LOCATION: On the E3 bus, Chiswick High Road


A White Male described as aged approximately 50 years old wearing red shorts moved to sit next to female student on bus. The male place his hand on her thigh. The student got off bus immediately, and the male also got off bus. The student went into a shop and immediately alerted her family and they have reported the incident to police.


DATE/TIME: 26/5/21 , Afternoon

LOCATION: Alleyway/footpath behind the school field behind Heston Primary School field

A school watch incident that took place this afternoon at the Alleyway/footpath behind the school field behind Heston Primary School field.

Two young males were walking in the alleyway behind the school field. The first male carried on walking but the second one stopped and said to the two school children who were playing on the field ‘I have a gun’. The children did not see a gun but reported it school staff.

The man is described as having peach skin, aged 17-18years old, approximately 6ft tall, with curly, wearing a facemask and an orange coat.

School has been advised to inform the police.


DATE/TIME: 26/5/21 , Morning

LOCATION: Brentford Train Station/parade of shops.

Gender: Male, Age: 50-60 year old, Build: Average, Skin Colour: White, Height: 5ft 8 inches, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Grey, Vehicle: White Van

A student was walking from Brentford train station and as she walked over the bridge in front of the parade of shops a man stood by a white van approached the student and asked if she would like some crisps. The student did not reply and ran to school.

The man is described as a white male aged 50-60 year old, of average build, with blue eyes, grey hair and height approximately 5ft8.


DATE/TIME: 25/5/21  7.40am

LOCATION: Front vehicle entrance on Twickenham Road Isleworth

Gender: Male, Age: 40s, Height: 5″9′, Build: Slim, Skin Colour: White, Hat: Hood, Glasses: Yes, Coat/Jkt: Dark jacket with hood, Jumper: Blue Jumper, Trousers: Light faded denium jeans, Voice/Accent: Maybe Polish accent, Bag/umbrella/items: A lanyard which was red with plastic ID tag, Rucksack on his back.


The caretaker opened the front vehicle gate to let a delivery onto playground about 7.39am. As he returned after a minute to lock the gate a man was about to walk onto the playground. He was on his mobile phone and language sounded polish, he was also carrying a can of beer. Caretaker challenged the man and he would not make eye contact but carried on talking on mobile. He turned around and caretaker watched him leave premises.

On looking at CCTV the man walked past the entrance and stood on pavement for a few seconds then turned around and made his way into the staff car park. He can be seen looking around all the area as if he was casing it. He was wearing a lanyard which looked red with a plastic ID wallet with something inside it.


DATE/TIME: 21/05/2021

LOCATION: Star Road, Isleworth

Gender: Male, Age: 35-40, Eyes: Black, Height: 5″8′ , Build: Medium, Skin: Asian (Painted face-red dots on either side of face and black paint around eyes), Hat: Dark blue (looked like a stocking tied up on the top), Hair: Could not see,  Glasses: No, Shirt: Tight Green T-Shirt, Coat: Black with Hood, Trousers: Baggy(Cowled) pink bottoms, Shoes/Boots: Black Trainers/White Sole, Voice Accent: Strange Accent very little English, Bag etc: Carrying a rolled up newspaper.


A man entered the school via the main gate at 8.20 am and walked accross the staff car park towards the kitchen. Staff member stopped him and asked where he was going. He answered with a strong accent and said ‘School’ and ‘children’.

He was asked to leave the school premises and call the school instead as no visitors allowed. He walked away and turned towards London Road.

The man had his face painted, black under eyes and red dots on both sides of the face. He was wearing a head covering that looked like a stocking tied up on top.


DATE/TIME: Monday 17th May, 16:10pm

LOCATION: Devonshire Rd, Chiswick, W4

Gender: Male, Age: 60, Skin: Asian, Hair: Grey, not too short, Jumper: Blue, Car Make/Model: Honda, Colour: Red

Man was sitting in his car. He called out to two of our students, saying “boys come, boys come” a few times. Parent has reported to police.


DATE/TIME: 17/05/2021

LOCATION: St Richard’s CE Primary School : Nature reserve path along playground/field fence

Gender: Male, Age: 40s, Skin Colour: Mixed Race, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Wearing gloves & carrying a stick.

BRIEF DETAILS OF INCIDENT: A neighbour called the school as she had been watching a man walk up and down the path next to the school. When she approached him he said he was looking for his cat, although she never heard him calling a cat. He kept looking into the school grounds. Police informed.


DATE/TIME: 13/05/2021  1:20pm

LOCATION: St Dunstans Park, Feltham

Gender: Male, Age: Late 20s, Height: 5ft 8″, Build: Slim, Skin: Mediterranean, Hair: Black, Eyes: Dark Brown, Shirt/Tie: Blue Check Shirt, Trousers: Black Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Black Trainers


A man was acting suspiciously in the park just outside the School fence. Members of the public noticed him and called the police immediately. Police have spoken to the man and had advised schools in the area to call 999 if they see him acting suspiciously again.


DATE/TIME: 10th May 2021, 14:36pm

LOCATION: Feltham Train Station

A pupil was travelling on a train, 3 men started staring at her. She got off the train at 2.36pm in Feltham, the men also got off. One grabbed her shoulder and asked her if she was ok. Mum saw what happened and shouted at them to leave her alone. She took a photo of two of them. Police have been informed

The men were described as having dark Skin, medium build, dark hair and

around 30yrs old wearing dark tracksuits.


DATE/TIME: Monday 26th April 2021

LOCATION: South Street Iselworth

Gender: Male, Age: Middle age, Build: Overweight, Skin Colour: Dark Skin (Asian?), Coat/Jkt: Grey Jkt.


A Blue School child was walking home along South Street in the direction of St Mary’s School yesterday and passed by a car parking bay opposite Greedies Cafe. She caught sight of a man in a parked car watching the children as they walked along. She made eye contact with him and he got straight out of the car with the intention of approaching her.

She ran off home very frightened and reported what had happened to her mother.

She described the man as having dark skin (possibly Asian) overweight in stature and wearing a grey jacket.


DATE/TIME: Thursday 25th March 2021, 11.45am

LOCATION: Staveley Rd W4 near A316 junction

Gender: Male, Age: 18-20, Height: 5″7, Build: Stocky, Skin: Asian, Jumper: perhaps stripey, Skirt/Trs: Bright orange Trs


Man was seen filming our female students who were doing PE in the field on our grounds.  When approached by member of staff, he quickly walked away.

This has been reported to the Police.


DATE: 23/03/2021 TIME: 4pm

LOCATION: Tesco Feltham

We have been informed of a school watch incident that took place on 23.03.2021 at the Feltham high street Tesco at 4pm.

A tall male with blond hair that is shaved at the sided, wearing a dirty vest and grey work trousers approached a group of friends aged 13-14 asking them for money. The group ran away from him but noticed him speaking to another girl aged 14-15 behind them and she was showing him her phone.


DATE: 22/03/2021 AM and PM

LOCATION: The William Hogarth School Chiswick. Alternates between school gate entrances/ exits for different classes

Gender: Male, Age: 40’s Height: Average, Build: Stocky, Skin: White, Hair: Dark, Appearance: unkept looking, tummy hanging over trousers, Coat: Hoody or dark jkt, Top: Dirty white t-shirt


Loiters at the different ‘drop off’ and ‘collection’ gates for children at the start and end of the day.  If he is approached he does not respond, turns and walks away.

Police have been informed


DATE: 22/03/2021

LOCATION: School site and Twickenham Rd

Gender: Male, Age: Mid to late 30’s, Height: Average, Build: Average, Skin Colour: Light, Hair: Black,  Moustache/Beard: Dark Beard, Coat/Jkt: Black Coat, Jumper: White hooded tracksuit top, Skirt/Trs: Blue Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Black Trainers, Bag: Carrying a white plastic bag.


A man came into the Nursery play area at pick up time (3.25pm) today and held his phone up against the Nursery window; he appeared to be filming.  He had walked away and out the school onto Twickenham Rd by the time a staff member had come out to challenge him.  CCTV shows him walking out of school, still holding his phone up, as if filming or video calling someone.


DATE: 17/03/2021

LOCATION: Twickenham Rd – Near Syon food & wine store Isleworth

Gender: Male, Age: 30, Height: Medium, Skin: Dark skinned, Make/Model car/Van: MV Movers van


Today I left school at 14:35 and left towards Twickenham Road. Just after passing Syon food and wine store I noticed a “Movers” van start to pull up and a man in the passengers seat saying something out of his window. The passenger opened the door on the left hand side and as I turned around he started saying things like “come, where are you going”. I quickly went into the Syon food and wine store and waited. Then I walked back up to Isleworth War Memorial bus stop(TJ).

I noticed the van was still there when I went past on the bus so I’m not sure if these people work in or live around there.

Student was asked to report to the police. – Student shared this morning that police were informed and they would ensure more patrol in area.


DATE: 17/03/2021

LOCATION: Ealing d& Great West Rd near Baltic Avenue, Brentford

Gender: Male, Age: 40’s, Height: Short, Skin Colour: Asian, Hair: Brown, Coat/Jkt: In a smart suit, Voice/Accent:  Scars/Tattoos: Items: ‘clown’ make-up’


YR 6 female pupil came to school this morning and reported she had been followed by a ‘clown guy’.

As she left her house and walked to the garage area the “clown guy” was there in his car. He was by himself and was looking at her. She said his car was black with 6 seats. She walked down the road and his car was beside her Then she walked across the road and he turned right and went towards Sainsbury’s. She spoke to the security guard and asked him to ask the “clown guy” to stop following her. They spoke and our pupil said she thought they knew each other. He parked his car and carried on following her.  She said he was giving her some creepy looks.  When she got to the park he was standing on the opposite road looking at her and she said he took a photograph of her. When she ran to school across the park he was still following her. When she got to school she immediately spoke to headteacher and another teacher.


DATE: 11/03/2021

LOCATION: College Road Isleworth

Gender: Male, Age: 50-65, Height: Medium, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Voice/Accent:  He has an accent but students could not be certain


2 students were approached by an older male while they were going home yesterday from school.

They were on College Road Isleworth when a male who they say ‘appeared from nowhere and was possibly hiding behind a tree’ stepped out and started to speak to the girls. At first they did not understand his questions and then he started to laugh. They were in PE uniform so he pointed to the school badge and asked if it was a mixed school. They told him no. He told the students he lived at 11 Borough Road and that his mobile number was 07498973529.

The girls took the details because they were afraid he would become aggressive. Which he did to, when a member of the public asked him what he was doing and to leave the girls alone. He started to shout and swear.

This was reported at Hounslow Police Station on 11/03


DATE/TIME: 08/03/2021

LOCATION: Richardson’s Hardware Store, on Feltham High Street,

Gender: Male, Age: Late 20s early 30s, Height: 5ft 10″, Skin: Asian, Hair:Shaved, Eyes: Brown, Coat: Black hooded coat, Trousers: Jeans, Shoes/Boots: “Work Shoes”


Was standing by Richardson’s approaching students in uniform offering to help them and look after them. They offered one student (not at our school) £50 and when his mum approached him, he said that he was trying to help her son and look after him.

He spoke to another young boy and offered to go around the corner and smoke a ‘joint’ with him.

This has been reported to the police.