School Watch


All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system. This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified. Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

DATE/TIME: 04.07.2022 8.35AM
LOCATION: Hanworth Road, Hounslow

Gender: Male, Age: Approx 20-30, Skin Colour: Light Brown/Asian Appearance, Hair: Brown, Moustache/Beard: One Passenger had facial hair, Reg No: AG59 MXF

Our year 6 student was walking to school with his older brother who attends The Heathland School. They were in Hanworth Road, Hounslow and saw a car with 3 men inside it.
They all started shouting at our student like he had done something wrong to them, but he had done nothing at all – he was just walking to school. He doesn’t think they spotted his brother who was behind a bus stop at the time.
He reported that the driver looked ‘half asleep’, one passenger ‘was smoking’ and the other passenger ‘looked drunk’.
He felt very threatened


DATE/TIME: 27/05/22
LOCATION: Uxbridge Road (TW13 5EB) on the opposite side of the road to the swimming pool.

Gender: Male, Skin Colour: White, Age: 50s, Clothing: Bowler hat, Dark coloured jumper, sitting on plastic, green chair.

On her way into school this morning, a man tried to grab the hand or arm of a year 6, female student.

The location was a front garden of a private property, on Uxbridge Road (TW13 5EB) on the opposite side of the road to the swimming pool.

 The student said this man sits in his front garden often (right next to the pavement) and stares at her when she walks past. However, this morning he stared at her as she walked past and  he actually reached out to try and grab her hand or her arm.

She was very shaken and ran the rest of the way to school.

Police have been informed.


DATE/TIME: 26/05/22 12:45pm

Gender: Male, Age: 50-60, Hair: Grey, Build: Slim, Top: Grey Sweatshirt




DATE/TIME: 26/05/22 9:15am
LOCATION: Outside Isleworth train station

Gender: Male, Age:20+, Height: 5’9-5’11, Build: Overweight, Skin Colour: Black, Hair: Bald/very little hair, Eyes: Brown & really wide

Year 9 Student reported that a black man in his 20s barged her when she came off the bus then proceeded to follow her. She was very frightened that he continued to follow her, even when she ran away. She ran to the train station as her friend was meeting her. He continued to follow her. A Middle Eastern man got between him and our student and told him to stop following her. This gave our student an opportunity to move from the man. Her and her friend then ran to school. Parents have been informed.


DATE/TIME:  18/05/22 am
LOCATION: Near Green Dragon Primary School

Gender: Man, Age: Late 20’s, Skin: Black, Build: Lightweight build, Clothes: Navy Blue Adidas tracksuit


A female student noticed she was being followed by a man as she passed a parade of shops. As she started to run towards the school gates, the male then got into an argument with another man outside the shops. It appeared both men had been drinking.

The student ran into school and informed the school office.

The male is described as being black, in his late 20’s, lightweight build and wearing a Navy blue Adidas tracksuit

The police have been informed


DATE/TIME: 16/05/22 & Various others.
LOCATION: Chiswick School and Cavendish Primary school vicinity

Gender: Male, Age: Late 20s/early 30s, Skin: Black, Trouser: Dark, Top: Dark Hoodie & White T-Shirt, Shoes: Trainers


We have had incidents reported to us in the Chiswick School and Cavendish Primary school vicinity of a man attacking or behaving aggressively towards local residents.  Police are aware of this man.


DATE/TIME: Friday 6th May, 3:30pm
LOCATION:  London Road, between Beech Road bus stop and Brent Lea bus stop

Gender: Male, Age: 50s, Height: Average, Build: Average, Skin: White, Hat: No, Hair: Greyish. Glasses: Yes, Shirt/Tie: Blue


– On 6/5/22 at c.3:30pm, a  student was walking on London Road towards Brentford with a friend.

– Before they reached Pets At Home, the student observed a white male in his late 50s, greyish hair and
of average height, wearing a blue shirt.

– The man appeared to be watching the people walking past – as well as the student and friend there
were other, younger, TGSG students around.

– As student and friend walked past, the man put his hands down his trousers. The student said he was
moving his hands around as if touching his genitalia.

– The man did not expose himself.

– The student and friend crossed the road, but kept an eye on the man.

– Once they had crossed the road, the man walked off.

– The student hadn’t seen the man before, and hasn’t seen him again.

– When the student got home, told Mum what had happened, who reported it to TGSG on 10/5/22


DATE/TIME: 16/03/22 16:13pm
LOCATION: The Blue School, Manor house way just opposite school off North Street
Male, Age: 30’s, Hair: Ginger, Vehicle: Van

From a parent at school:

I just wanted to report something odds that happened on our way to school this morning.  The girls were walking a bit ahead of me and as we went round the bend I was temporarily out of sight. a man sitting in a stationary parked van started talking to the girls, mainly friendly chit chat but it was very odd for a total stranger to suddenly start talking to the girls. He was asking them where they were going etc

What unsettled me was the look of surprise and of being caught out on his face when I appeared round the corner.  It was like when somebody suddenly stops talking when someone they are talking about walks into the room.

He didn’t say anything to me which in a way unsettled me more because if his intentions were just friendly chit chat then surely, he would have continued chatting to me as well instead he looked startled and didn’t say anything to me.  it is probably nothing but it just made me very uneasy as it was very odd and the guilty look on his face stayed with me all morning so I have reported it to the police they are following up by coming round to discuss with the girls but I just thought I should tell school about it in case so people can be more vigilant.


DATE/TIME: 15/03/22 7:46am
LOCATION: Market Place bus stop, Brentford
Gender:Male, Age: Approx 30, Build: Slim, Skin Colour: Light Brown, Hat: Yes, Hair: Brown, Moustache/Beard: Yes to both, T-Shirt: White, Jacket: Yellow hoodie, Trousers: Blue Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Shoes

Student was about to get off the bus (237) at Market Place, Brentford but she saw this man (same man as last time – School Watch, dated 9.3.22) standing on the pavement near the bus stop so she decided to stay on the bus until the next stop and then got off and came into school.  She called her mum and mum told her to report it again and when she got to school the Schools Officer was there so she told her about it (PC Dracup) and school completed this Schools Watch.


DATE/TIME: 09/03/22 Between 7:30 & 8:30 am
LOCATION: 235 Bus from The Bell to Brentford
Gender: Male, Age: Approx 30, Build: Slim, Skin Colour: Light Brown, Hat: Yes, Hair: Brown, Moustache/Beard: Yes both, Shirt/T-Shirt: White with tie, Coat/Jkt: Yellow Hoodie, Trs: Blue Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Shoes

Student got on the bus and was standing near the doors and a few stops later she felt someone staring at her.  She looked over and this man was sitting at the back in the middle and when she looked at him he starting licking his lips and smiling at her trying to get her attention.  Other students got on the bus and saw him do this.  He made the student feel very uncomfortable and frightened her so she called her mum who reported it to me today.


DATE/TIME: 08/03/2022 Approx 8am
LOCATION: On the E8 bus heading for Brentford
Gender: Male, Age: Between 50 & 60, Hair: Light Brown, Hat\Glasses: Was wearing glasses

A pupil was on the E8 bus sitting near the window. A white man described as big build, between 50-60 years old, with light brown hair, glasses and wearing trousers. The pupil felt the man was invading their space as his elbow was touching the pupil and this made the pupil feel very uncomfortable.  The pupil noticed that the man was on his phone and it looked like he was looking at Google search of children in school uniform.


DATE/TIME: 08/03/2022   12:30 – 14:45pm
LOCATION: Dragon Primary School, Main school entrance
Gender: Male, Age: Early 60’s, Height: 6ft, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Hat: Grey wooly hat, Coat: Black & Grey puffer Jkt, Trs: Blue denium jeans, Shoes\Boots: Black or Blue, Bag/Umbrella etc: was holding slices of bread

Man entered school gates whilst they opened for nursery drop off between 12.30 – 12.45pm. He stood looking in through the fence while children were playing. When approached by a member of staff and asked to leave the grounds he became abusive, swearing, spitting and threatening to kill her if he saw her again. He was also abusive and threatening to a parent who asked him to leave the school grounds.
Police were called and attended immediately but the man had already left the school site and area.


DATE/TIME: 08/02/2022 8:20am
LOCATION:  Area surrounding West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth, TW7 6AF
Gender: x2 Males, Height: Average, Build: Average, Hat/Coat: Black coats – Hoods up, Hair: Dark, Trs: Dark

A Student reported that two men had seen her when she was walking past the hospital. They crossed the road and she felt they were going to approach her, but she saw another student and started walking with her.
She said the men followed her but when the student got to the school gate they were nowhere to be seen. A member of staff looked for them to make sure they had gone and to get a better description but the staff member thinks the two men had probably continued up the road to either Syon Lane or along London Rd.
The student described the men as average build wearing black, one had a coat on and both had hoods up so she couldn’t see their faces. They both seemed drunk.
The student was clearly anxious about the incident, once she explained what had happened and felt safe in School, she seemed more settled and went off to registration.


DATE/TIME: 31.01.22
LOCATION: St Lawrence
Gender: Male, Age: 40’s, Height: 5’10”, Build: Well Built, Skin colour: Black, Hair: Short/Black, Eyes: unknown, Shirt/Tie: none, Coat/Jkt: Dark coloured, Skirt/Trs: Dark, Shoes/Boots: unknown, Voice/Accent: unknown.


Specsavers called the school to tell us that a man was sat on the wall by the Nursery/Office entrance. Site Manager approached and asked to move. Explained that local residents had made the school aware of him loitering. Asked to move along and explained why man refused.
Headteacher attended and asked to move and was blanked. Police informed.


DATE/TIME: 20/1/21 9.00-9.05
LOCATION: Burlington Lane
Gender: Male, Age: 52, Height:5″9′, Build: Slim, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Grey/Brown and short, Eyes: Not known, Moustache/Beard: Short beard, Coat/Jkt: Dark colour Jkt, Skirt/ Trs: Dark, Voice/Accent: Scouse Accent

A man walked towards the student and asked the student for directions to Chiswick grounds He had a scouse accent. When the student was giving these directions another man approached the student and the first gentleman and said “Are you guys lost?” and noticed the man also had a scouse accent. The student left the two men and walked on.

The second man approached the student on Burlington lane after Co-op towards Chiswick School. Student was listening to music and noticed the man beside her. He said “you are so helpful, don’t worry the other man will find his way”. He then asked the student their name and they gave it. He repeated their name a few time and kept walking with the student asking where they were from and where their grandparents were from. He was smoking heavily. The student crossed the road the early the man kept walking and crossed the road further down and shouting the student’s name. The student ignored but the man approached her again and said his name was Stevie. He told her he worked at Sainsbury’s and now works at WH Smith. The student asked him where he was going and he said Staveley Gardens. The student turned into school then and left the man.


DATE/TIME: 14.01.22 / 14:30
LOCATION: Berkeley Academy

Gender: Male, Age: unknown, Height: unknown, Build: unknown, Skin colour: unknown, Hair: unknown, Eyes: unknown, Shirt/Tie: unknown, Coat/Jkt: unknown, Skirt/Trs: unknown, Shoes/Boots: unknown, Voice/Accent: Deep voice / London accent.


A man called the Academy at approximately 14:30 claiming to be from CAFCASS, and wanting some information for a father who did not know the whereabouts of his children. He was asked to send an email to verify who he was, and he repeated he was from CAFCASS. When asked his name, he said Andrew, and had to be pushed to give the surname Alonz. He seemed cagey, and when pushed for an email handed the phone to a second man who said he was the children’s father. This man said he did not know where his children were, and his tone became more confrontational when he was not given information. He was told to call Social Care or the Police if he was concerned. He called back a second time, and was told the same thing.


DATE/TIME: 13.01.22/ 9:50am
LOCATION: Oriel Academy, Front gate/Reception area
Gender: Male, Age: 20-27, Height: 5’8″, Build: Medium, Skin colour: Olive, Hair: Black, Loose & Curly, Eyes: Brown, Shirt/Tie: T-shirt, Coat/Jkt: Black/dark bomber jkt, Skirt/Trs: Dark Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Black work boots, Voice/Accent: Softly spoken, Bag: Blue back pack.

This man rang the school buzzer at the gate. He said he had come to have a look round the nursery. On speaking to him in person, he seemed very vague and slightly confused, wanting to ask 5 questions. He was escorted off the premises by the site manager in a calm manner.

Local day nursery and judo club informed. He had also spoken to them and said his name was Mathew Arnold.


DATE/TIME: 13.01.22
LOCATION: Cranford Primary School, Top of Berkley Avenue
Gender: Male, Age: 20-30s, Height: 5ft 6, Build: Average: Skin Colour: Asian, Hair: Black, Moustache/Beard: Short Beard, Coat: Black coat-puffer jkt, Trs/Dress: Jogging bottoms, Voice/Accent: Local Accent


Member of staff walking to work at 6am when approached by a man who grabbed her arm and touched her inappropriately. When she pushed him away and shouted, he put his hands down his trousers and continued to verbally make sexual comments. She then walked away and he walked in the opposite direction towards the main Bath Road.

The police are aware.


DATE/TIME: 11.01.22
LOCATION: Brentford School for Girls
Gender: Female, Age: 40, Height: 5ft 11, Skin: White, Eyes: Brown, Coat: 3 coats, Trs/Skirt: Dark blue jeans, Top: Black Hoody, Hat: Red Beany Hat, Shoes: White Trainers, Bag: Large white bag.

The female appeared confused or drunk.

The female gained entry through the main gate behind a student and made her way into the school buildings where she attempted to access classrooms. The Caretaker managed to find her and escort her from the site.


DATE/TIME: 17/12/21 12pm approx
LOCATION: Arts Theatre Treaty Centre Hounslow
Gender: Male, Age: 50-60, Height: 5’10”, Skin: Black, Coat: Dark, Jumper: Dark, Trousers: Dark


When Y5 arrived at the Treaty Centre for the Panto, a member of the public entered the theatre claiming he was with the school party and had a nephew in Y5 and saying he needed to be “sorted out” He sat near the children.. He smelt of alcohol and was abrupt. Staff immediately informed security that he was not linked to the school. Security removed him from the theatre.


DATE/TIME: 13/12/21 15:45
LOCATION: Westbrook Primary Heston (School Premises)
Gender: Male, Age:50+, Height: 5’3″, Build: Slight, Skin Colour: Brown, Hair: Black, Coat/Jacket: Long Grey Puffer Jkt, Voice/Accent: Korean/limited English

Came into the school playground when children were being collected at the end of the day and tried to enter the reception class.  She was asking for help and was approached by the parent support Advisor who spoke with her outside the classroom.  She insisted that her child had previously come to Westbrook and she was told to come here for help.  She asked the PSA to read a piece of paper she handed over and then respond with help and support.  The paper she handed over was just a page torn from a book.  The PSA checked she had accommodation to go to and she was able to produce a house key and confirm her address. She had papers on her that showed she had been getting support from a key worker in another area however they were now signposting her to Ealing. She was advised to go to Hounslow House on Monday to access the correct support as she was saying she has problems with housing etc.  On more than one occasion, she tried to enter the building but listened when told not to.


DATE/TIME: 13/12/21  7:15
On 111 Bus on the way to Hounslow Bus station
Gender: Male, Age: 20+, Height: Average, Build: Slight, Skin Colour: Brown, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Moustache/Beard: He had both, Hat: Red baseball cap, Coat/Jkt: Green Jkt, Jumper: Black Hoodie, Voice/Accent: Indian Accent

Student reported that 2 Indian men sat in front of them and next to a younger student from a different school. Whatever was said, the girl moved downstairs. The man in front turned to speak with our pupil. He asked if pupil went to school (pupil was in uniform), if pupil had a phone to take his number (pupil said they did not have it). He said he was in the country for a month and he had no friends. He said he was studying for his Masters and that if pupil wants weed or alcohol he has that on him. Pupil said no. He said he would be happy for pupil to meet him anytime and would wait for her every morning so they can get the bus together. Student then went to downstairs and completed the rest of journey. pupil has been given alternative route to school and parents informed.


DATE/TIME: 01/12/21 4:30pm
E3 bus Chiswick High Road
Gender: Male, Age: 40’s, Height: Short, Skin: Asian, Facial Hair: Goatie, Coat: Grey, long.


A man allegedly put his hands on girls’ legs and said “you are beautiful”.  This happened last month but they saw him on the bus again last night as above.  Police have been informed.


DATE/TIME: 23/11/21 11.00am
LOCATION: Oriel Academy, School Gates
Gender: Female, Age: 50+, Height: 5’3″, Build: Medium, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Blonde-White, Coat: Black 3/4 length, Skirt/Trs: Black Trs, Voice/Accent: Scottish – Gruff

Came to the school gate asking to pick her grandson up. She asked for a Damion/Jamie? her grandson.

She wanted to pick him up for a doctor’s appointment. She said he was 10 years old but didn’t know which class.

She would not come to the office. Our welfare Assistant went to talk to her at the gate, but she kept walking away and shouting that she had already told us the name 3 times.

She walked a bit like a penguin and may have been drinking.

She eventually left.


DATE/TIME: 15/11/2021
LOCATION: Info from a member of the public to Grove Park, Thames Road – Chiswick
Gender: Male, Car Make Model: BMW Converible, Colour: White, Doors: 2, Other: Was a soft top and was very dirty and dusty.

Brief Details Of Incident:
Grove Park and other local schools recieved an e mail from a member of the publc:
“A man inappropriately exposing and touching himself in his car on the Thames Road today to everyone walking past just after school pick-up”

Police have been notified

DATE/TIME: 15/11/2021
LOCATION:Thames Road, Chiswick. Along from the school
Gender: Male, Car Make/Model: BMW Convertible, Colour: White with black roof.

It has been reported to the school, by a parent, that a man was in the vehicle inappropriately exposing and touching himself, on Thames Road, today to everyone walking past just after school pick-up (after 3.30pm). The parent has also reported the incident to police giving the registration number of the car.


DATE/TIME: 8:15-8:30am 15/11/21
Gender: Male, Age: About 26, Height: 5″.10″, Build: Thick set, Skin: Black, Hat: Bobble Hat, Hair: Black hair, Eyes: Dark Brown, Coat: Black Parka

Man was punching and kicking the chair in front of him every time the us stopped at a bus stop. Man was resting his head on the head rest of the bus, asked to lift his head he just refused and ignored everyone. The man smelt disgusting. He refused anyone to sit next to him. The man was looking in a weird way at people and was wearing a rubber mask


DATE/TIME: 4/11/21 8am
LOCATION: E3 bus- Meon Road Acton
Gender: Female, Age: 20-30, Height: Average, Build: Stout, Skin: Mixed Race, Hat: Black Sweatband, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Coat: Grey and Long, Skirt/Dress/Trs: Blue & Purple Leopard Print Dress, Shoes/Boots: Boots, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Blue Handbag


The woman got on the bus and sat next to a student – tried to put her arm around him, as he moved away she put him in headlock.  She propositioned the students and spoke to them in highly sexualised way. She also started talking about Islam.  When another student boarded the bus and sat next to her, she licked her finger and put it in his ear. When they left the bus, she got off and chased after them.

This has been reported to the police.


DATE/TIME: Tue 2nd Nov @ Noon, Wed 3rd Nov @ 14:30 & Thu 4th Nov @ 16:00
LOCATION: Brooks Lane/Thames Road, W4 3NX
Gender: Male & Female, Skin: White, Hair: Male dark hair, female Blonde Hair

One male, white, 20s/30s, tall, skinny/gaunt, dark hair, black bomber jacket, One female, white, 20s/30s, average height, skinny, blonde hair tied up, black jacket.
For three days in succession, these two individuals were seen outside the school acting suspiciously. They were hanging around and then left abruptly in different directions. On Tuesday one of them cycled away suddenly. It is unclear whether the bike was theirs. Nothing has been reported stolen by Strand Juniors, or to the best of my knowledge, by Strand Infants. Our Head will notify our local community liaison police officer.


DATE/TIME: 02/11/21
LOCATION: Hounslow Heath Infant School
Gender: Male, Height: Tall, Skin: Asian, Hair: Dark, Shirt/Coat: White Shirt, blue coat with a cream wool collar, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Sunglasses on forhead, Vehicle: White Range Rover.

Please be aware of the  School Watch incident that took place on 2nd November 2021 at Hounslow Heath Infant School. A tall Asian male with dark hair, sunglasses on his forehead, wearing a white shirt and a blue coat with a cream wool collar was seen sitting on top of a White Range Rover. The male was seen watching and taking photographs of the children in the front area of the school playground over the front Hedge of Martindale Road. The male was told to stop and get down which he did, but then drove around the block and came back and did the same thing.


DATE/TIME: 21/10/21
LOCATION: The Green School For Girls, by the school gates.
Gender: Female, Age: over 40, Height: 5’5″, Build: Medium, Skin: White

Anti vax campaigners protesting by the school gate and trying to distribute leaflets to students.


DATE/TIME: 20/10/2021 – 16:30pm
LOCATION: Belgrave Road, Hounslow
Gender: Male, Age: Mid 30’s, Height: 5’8″/5’9″, Skin: Black, Hair: Short Black , Coat/Jkt: Black Jkt, Skirt/Trousers/Dress: Jeans,

A man approached a Year 6 child walking home along the Bath Road, near Cloisters Nursing Home, who tried to force him to take a can of fanta “saying this is for you”. The child ran to his mum who works in Cloisters and the incident reported to school this morning. The man appeared to be drunk and walked away.


DATE/TIME: 08/10/2021  –  9.25am
LOCATION: By Bedfont Library
Gender: Male, Age: Mid 30’s, Height: 5ft’10”, Build: Heavy build, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Hardly any, Jumper: Blue long sleeved Jumper/jacket, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Work Bag.

A former student was bringing her siblings into school.  They got off the bus at Bedfont Library and a man whistled and said “excuse me have you got a sec”.  They continued their walk to school and the man followed.  She dropped her siblings off and continued on her journey to school, she noticed he was still following and shouting out “excuse me have you got a sec”. She was worried and phoned Mum, Mum phoned the school office and she was advised to tell her Daughter to come back into the school.  Mum told us she would come and pick her up.

Mum was advised to report it to the police.


DATE/TIME: 7/10/21 8.20am
LOCATION: Kingsley Academy, Cecil Road entrance
Gender: Male, Age: mid thirties, Height: about 5’10”, Build: Stocky, Skin Colour: White, Hat: Black Cap, Glasses: Yes, Coat/Jkt: Black Jacket, Skirt/Trs/ Dress: Jeans

An intruder made an attempt to enter the school site this morning.
He was a white male, stocky in build, had glasses on, wearing a black cap and black jacket. His reason for entering was to collect a prospectus from reception. He also claimed that he had been in the school many times before. Amongst other things, he stated that he had no computer, had an NVQ Level 2 certificate on his wall at home and was a student in the school.

The police have been notified.


DATE/TIME: 4.10.21  11.30am
LOCATION: Town Primary, School Car Park
Gender: Female, Age: 45, Height: 5’10”, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Hair: Brown Pony Tail

BRIEF DETAILS OF INCIDENT: A white female entered school car park and was seen checking car doors to see if they were open. Had a black alcohol can in her hand which she was drinking. She had a black handbag over her shoulder.

When asked to leave by a senior member of staff, she said “OK, sorry” and walked out towards Pears Road.


DATE/TIME: 29/09/2021 3.45pm
LOCATION: Junction of Salisbury Road and Beavers Lane
Gender: Male, Height: 5’4″, Bulid: Slight, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Black trousers.

As a member of staff walked home with her child, an Indian man emerged from bushes near the Salisbury Road and Beavers Lane junction and appeared to be following them.  There was no conversation, but he followed them for some way.

Our member of staff called the Police.


DATE/TIME: 20/09/21 15:10pm
LOCATION: Rivers Academy, Walking home from school.
Gender: Male, Age: 60, Skin: White, Hair: Grey with full beard, Shirt/Tie: White & red checked shirt, Trouser: Jeans of denium colour


Man in 60’s was sitting down on the pavement by Ruskin Avenue and was attempting to get girls to go over to him by saying ‘You come here, I’ve got something for you.’