School Watch


All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system. This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified. Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

DATE/TIME: 21/10/21
LOCATION: The Green School For Girls, by the school gates.
Gender: Female, Age: over 40, Height: 5’5″, Build: Medium, Skin: White

Anti vax campaigners protesting by the school gate and trying to distribute leaflets to students.


DATE/TIME: 20/10/2021 – 16:30pm
LOCATION: Belgrave Road, Hounslow
Gender: Male, Age: Mid 30’s, Height: 5’8″/5’9″, Skin: Black, Hair: Short Black , Coat/Jkt: Black Jkt, Skirt/Trousers/Dress: Jeans,

A man approached a Year 6 child walking home along the Bath Road, near Cloisters Nursing Home, who tried to force him to take a can of fanta “saying this is for you”. The child ran to his mum who works in Cloisters and the incident reported to school this morning. The man appeared to be drunk and walked away.


DATE/TIME: 08/10/2021  –  9.25am
LOCATION: By Bedfont Library
Gender: Male, Age: Mid 30’s, Height: 5ft’10”, Build: Heavy build, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Hardly any, Jumper: Blue long sleeved Jumper/jacket, Bag/Umbrella/Items: Work Bag.

A former student was bringing her siblings into school.  They got off the bus at Bedfont Library and a man whistled and said “excuse me have you got a sec”.  They continued their walk to school and the man followed.  She dropped her siblings off and continued on her journey to school, she noticed he was still following and shouting out “excuse me have you got a sec”. She was worried and phoned Mum, Mum phoned the school office and she was advised to tell her Daughter to come back into the school.  Mum told us she would come and pick her up.

Mum was advised to report it to the police.


DATE/TIME: 7/10/21 8.20am
LOCATION: Kingsley Academy, Cecil Road entrance
Gender: Male, Age: mid thirties, Height: about 5’10”, Build: Stocky, Skin Colour: White, Hat: Black Cap, Glasses: Yes, Coat/Jkt: Black Jacket, Skirt/Trs/ Dress: Jeans

An intruder made an attempt to enter the school site this morning.
He was a white male, stocky in build, had glasses on, wearing a black cap and black jacket. His reason for entering was to collect a prospectus from reception. He also claimed that he had been in the school many times before. Amongst other things, he stated that he had no computer, had an NVQ Level 2 certificate on his wall at home and was a student in the school.

The police have been notified.


DATE/TIME: 4.10.21  11.30am
LOCATION: Town Primary, School Car Park
Gender: Female, Age: 45, Height: 5’10”, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Hair: Brown Pony Tail

BRIEF DETAILS OF INCIDENT: A white female entered school car park and was seen checking car doors to see if they were open. Had a black alcohol can in her hand which she was drinking. She had a black handbag over her shoulder.

When asked to leave by a senior member of staff, she said “OK, sorry” and walked out towards Pears Road.


DATE/TIME: 29/09/2021 3.45pm
LOCATION: Junction of Salisbury Road and Beavers Lane
Gender: Male, Height: 5’4″, Bulid: Slight, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Black trousers.

As a member of staff walked home with her child, an Indian man emerged from bushes near the Salisbury Road and Beavers Lane junction and appeared to be following them.  There was no conversation, but he followed them for some way.

Our member of staff called the Police.


DATE/TIME: 20/09/21 15:10pm
LOCATION: Rivers Academy, Walking home from school.
Gender: Male, Age: 60, Skin: White, Hair: Grey with full beard, Shirt/Tie: White & red checked shirt, Trouser: Jeans of denium colour


Man in 60’s was sitting down on the pavement by Ruskin Avenue and was attempting to get girls to go over to him by saying ‘You come here, I’ve got something for you.’