Sport Premium

The principles by which pupil premium funding is allocated:

Oak Hill Academy is dedicated to promoting healthy and active lifestyles and to providing a wide range of Physical Education & sporting opportunities for all of its pupils. The Sports Premium is being used to develop staff skills in delivering PE and provide additional sporting opportunities such as a range of competitions for all pupils.


The majority of the Sport Premium is being used to buy into Premier Sport, who provide specialist PE and Sports coaching and CPD for the school. 


At Oak Hill Academy, sport is encouraged through Extra Curricular activities at lunch and after-school. There are a variety of different clubs that are available; this is updated termly.


The PE and Sport Premium has increased the engagement of both staff and pupils in PE and Sport. Teachers focus on raising pupils’ achievement and developing multi abilities in their PE lessons following the 3 school guiding principles and 8 conditions.


1.    Belonging

2.    Heroes

3.    Sense of accomplishment


4.    Fun & excitement

5.    Curiosity & creativity

6.    Spirit of adventure


7.    Leadership & responsibility

8.    Confidence to take action


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