World Book Day – 3rd March 2022

At Oak Hill Academy, our drive to revitalise reading for pleasure and encourage imagination and curiosity in all children has never been stronger!

Celebrating the 25th year of World Book Day, all at Oak Hill Academy have come together to share the joy of reading for pleasure and celebrate their favourite authors, characters and books! World Book Day’s initiative is of vital importance at Oak Hill Academy as we aim to promote a love of reading within children, inspiring them to discover who they are as readers  through a love of books and shared reading. In keeping with the World Book Day theme ‘YOU ARE A READER’, we have inspired children to bring their favourite authors, characters and books to life! To further enrich the world of reading and uncover the journey to becoming writers, we are thrilled to be sharing marvellous masterclasses hosted by a variety of inspiring authors including Zoe Antoniades (Cally and Jimmy), Lee Newbury (The Last Fire Fox)and Suzie Laverty (Betty Binoculars). We at Oak Hill Academy are proud of our passions for reading and literature to shine together in our World Book Day celebrations!