Healthy Eating at School


Only still water in a transparent Oak Hill water bottle.

Break Time

Children are allowed fruit or vegetables, the fruit can be fresh or dried but not coated in chocolate or yoghurt.

We are a nut free school as we have pupils with severe nut allergy.  Please do not let your child bring in any nuts.

Hot School Meals

Following the introduction of Universal Free School Meals for infant schools, we strongly encourage you to continue school meals for your child.  It is widely accepted that a balanced nutritious meal at lunch time helps children concentrate properly and learn effectively.  This helps their behaviour, learning and achievement during the school day.

The hot school meal menu is carefully put together and monitored to ensure children have access to a balanced, nutritious meal.  The school meals are cooked freshly every day, included is a choice of hot meal and access to the salad and fresh fruit.  The meals are good quality from fresh ingredients and we have worked with our cook to ensure portion size is appropriate.  Sometimes they include items which your child may be unfamiliar with but they are encouraged to try everything e.g. couscous or beetroot.

Information on payment for school meals can be found in the Parent Information Leaflet and Payments in School leaflet.

Healthy Packed Lunch

If you decide to send your child with a packed lunch they will need a named lunchbox; no carrier bags please.

A balanced and nutritious lunch should contain four elements:

Starchy foods: These are bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, and others  Protein foods: These are meat, fish, eggs, beans and others  A dairy item: This could be cheese or yoghurt  Vegetables or salad, and a portion of fruit

Please do not include nuts, sweets, fast food, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks or canned drinks in your child’s lunch.

For further information about healthy eating, please visit the Change4Life website.  This is a Government initiative that provides lots of ideas, recipes and games to help you eat well.