Homework at Oak Hill Academy
At Oak Hill, all children are expected to complete basic skills homework for Reading, Spelling and Maths each week; this homework is compulsory. Compulsory Homework will be set every Friday and should be completed. It will be checked by their class teacher every week. This homework is designed to support and develop your child with their basic reading, spelling and maths skills. Children who do not complete Compulsory Homework will be expected to catch up in their own time (during playtimes or lunchtimes).
There is also the opportunity for your child to complete Enrichment Homework, which will be project based and linked into the topic that they will be studying during that term.
Please remember to check your weekly email for any additional information.
Compulsory Homework
All children are expected to read their school reading book, daily at home. Each year group will specify how long your child is expected to read for each day. The children need to read their accelerated reader book and they can then record this in their reading journal.
Throughout the year, your child will learn spellings taken from the National Curriculum relating to their year group. Each week their homework will be to learn some of these key spellings to consolidate them effectively, so that they can use them in their writing. A dictation session will be given once a fortnight after homework spellings have been specified, to test your child’s application of the spelling rule.
Every week all children will be expected to learn their times tables (the focus of these will change accordingly). As well as this they will be expected to complete activities on the Active Learn website that their class teacher will set for them. Go to: www.activelearnprimary.co.uk
The children then need to log in using their school username and password. The school code is: rr7w. Click on to ‘My Stuff’ and the homework that they have been allocated will be available. The children will have to complete Bronze, Silver and Gold homework in order to collect their coins.
Enrichment Homework
Enrichment homework, although not compulsory, is designed to support and extend your child’s learning about topics that are being taught, each half term, throughout the year. In the past, the children’s projects have been displayed in and around our school and have brought our learning environment to life!
If your child completes their Enrichment homework, their project will be used to create year group displays in the corridors and parents will also be invited to come in for a special viewing of the project displays each term. Projects will be research and task orientated as well as encouraging fun and creativity. Teachers will guide project homework with weekly or fortnightly tasks, although every child is encouraged to be as creative as possible.
Children who complete every part of the Enrichment Homework in a half term will be rewarded at the end of the half term and celebrated in assembly. Any child completing every project throughout the year (6 projects in total) will receive a special award at the end of the year to reward their commitment and hard work.
Homework Club will be available one lunchtime per week to provide an opportunity for children who wish to bring their homework in and share any concerns with or ideas with a member of our teaching staff. If you wish to have any support with your child’s homework, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Remember! The library in Feltham has lots of books and computers for you to use if you need to or you can pop along to Homework club on Tuesday lunchtimes in 6D!

Happy researching and be as imaginative as possible!

Year 3 Homework

This week, our new Summer 2 Enrichment Homework was handed out.
The first task will be:

Task 1: This task will require you to be creative.

To be handed in on Wednesday 20 June 2018

Using the template provided, create a wanted poster for the Wolf in Little Red Riding hood. You might want to include:

  • Why would the Wolf be wanted?
  • What would the reward be for the person who captured him?
  • Why is it so important he is captured?


Year 4 Homework

This week, your child will have come home with our new spellings, which focus on the Year 3 and 4 statutory spellings. These are the words we will be focussing on this year and we will be expecting the children to learn how to spell them across the course of the year, so if you can take the time to learn them in different, fun ways at home. We will be adding more tasks to Active Learn, please make sure that children complete these (the children should all know their log in details).


Year 5 Homework

The children are expected to read for at least 15 minutes per night. Their average reading times -per night- are tracked through the Accelerated Reader program and, as a new motivation to ensure the children are reading nightly, the children make up the time during their break if it is not 15 minutes.


Today, the children took home their new Enrichment Project homeworks! The items they make will

Task 1: To be handed in on Wednesday 20th June

Create a shoe box theatre for Romeo and Juliet. Choose your favourite scene from the class text and create a diorama (shoe box theatre)

  • How are you going to make it 3D?
  • Which scene will you choose?
  • How are you going to create the set?
  • What materials can you use?

Task 2: To be handed in on Wednesday 4th July

Choose your favourite character from Romeo and Juliet and create a prop for them. For example, this could be a Rapier sword for Tybalt, a Crown for Lord Montague or a vial of poison for Juliet… Why not make something you could use/wear in our performance!

Task 3: To be handed in on Wednesday 11th July

Create a fact file based on the fascinating life of William Shakespeare. If you would like to challenge yourself, write an exciting biography of Shakespeare’s fascinating life!


The children have brought home with them spellings from the Year 5/6 word lists that they will need to know for SATs. We will be testing the children on Fridays.

All classes have available, optional, Maths homework based on learning from the week.
We will be adding more tasks to Active Learn, please make sure that children complete these (the children should all know their log in details). I will be adding more games than usual this week- these are to be completed over the coming half term. 

Today your child has taken home a reading book, matched to their reading level by an assessment program. They have been encouraged to read as much as possible over the weekend to get back into the swing of reading regularly after a long summer! Together we can promote a love of reading.

Year 6 Homework

Enrichment Homework Sheet 


There are support materials on the school website and on the websites listed below that are great places to get ideas about how to help your child with their reading skills- hope it helps!





www.arbookfind.co.uk/ - To find out what level different books are at



www.booktrust.org.uk/books/children/booklists/242/ - For 6-8 year olds

www.booktrust.org.uk/books/children/booklists/243/  - For 9-11 year olds​


Other sites for reading and phonics that might be useful







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