Inspire, Ignite and Challenge!

Our whole school curriculum, which focuses on education for success in today’s fast-changing world, will nurture, deepen and broaden your child’s knowledge & skills. In addition to covering the full National Curriculum, we have embedded the Aspirations 3 Guiding Principles, and the 11 Future Skills. This includes utilising the No Limits curriculum and philosophy which is unique to the Aspirations Academies Trust. Our students are engaged in learning opportunities designed to educate the whole child. There is a buzz around learning and engagement in every classroom and an atmosphere in which children thrive so that they can fulfil their aspirations and achieve their full potential.

About our academy

Equipping our children for the future

We nurture our children and our staff; everyone is valued and supported as part of our Oak Hill family. Children at Oak Hill learn from the whole community; we are all each other’s heroes! At Oak Hill, we strive for the highest academic achievement and enable children to achieve excellent results when they end their primary journey with us in Year 6. We ensure that they are prepared for life beyond Oak Hill through our diverse, inclusive and challenging curriculum.

Our curriculum

The Power of Student Voice

At Oak Hill, the voices of students are championed. Democracy is brought to life through the school’s ‘parliament’ which has an elected Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister! They reveal what they love about the school: ‘’We are one big family and every day is a new adventure! Every morning, we open our reading books and our minds to fun and exciting new learning opportunities; inner writers and blooming mathematicians come to light with the support of our inspiring teachers. We improve every day whilst being guided towards bright futures and aspirations.” Aimee Golding & Kaira Chunawala (Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Oak Hill Academy, 2020)

Our vision

Parent Testimonials

"I would like to thank you for all your help and time over the years. My eldest started at your school and my youngest is now leaving. The school has been fantastic and we wish you all the best in the future. Thank you!"

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