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Yr3 Egyptian Day

January 13 | All day
Dear Parents/Carers, As part of our History learning, we are very excited to announce that on Thursday 13 th January 2022, the whole Year 3 family will become Egyptians for the day with a workshop offered by the educational team from Portals to the Past. This workshop will take us on a magical time-travelling journey through the mysteries of Ancient Egypt!The children will be involved in different activities throughout the day, including: EGYPTIAN MATHS – Learn basic maths the Egyptian way or measuring in cubits. EGYPTIAN QUIZ – Discover fascinating facts. HOUNDS AND JACKALS – Play an Egyptian board game. EGYPTIAN ARTEFACTS AND WAY OF LIFE- See artefacts and discover how ancient Egyptians lived. To ensure your child’s involvement in the immersive, exciting and historical day, you need to pay the balance using ‘School Gateway. The cost of this amazing experience will be just £5.00 per child – this covers the cost of the Egyptology experts and the exciting activities which run all day. To complement this day, we would like to invite the children to dress up in Egyptian costumes. This does not need to be anything too fancy (unless you want it to be!) Please see below some costume ideas: Boys and girls: A large, plain adult t-shirt which reaches the knee could be worn with a belt around the waist to create a unisex tunic. Alternatively, a large white piece of fabric could be wrapped around to create a toga/kaftan style outfit. Sandals or flip-flops could be worn on their feet. For decoration, gold bangles, arm cuffs and eyeliner could be worn by boys and girls. Boys may also have their own chin beard using face paint or eyeliner. Girls’ hair could be worn straight, pulled into lots of small plaits or crimped. If you have any questions, please see any of the Year 3 teachers. Please ensure all payments have been made by Friday 7th January 2022. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to an exciting day!
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