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Polling Day

May 05 | All day
Dear Parents/Carers, Re: Acorns to Oaks (A2O) Arrangements for Polling Day – Thursday 5th May 2022 Oak Hill Academy is being used by the Local Authority as a polling station during the upcoming local elections on Thursday 5th May 2022. Our school dining hall will be needed as a polling station between 6am-10pm. I am pleased to inform you that we are able to keep the school open and accept Acorns to Oaks children on this day but Acorns will need to temporarily relocate to the main school hall for this one day only. The following arrangements will be in place:  Breakfast Club will run from the main school hall, please arrive at the Oak Hill main reception door  After School Club will also run from the main school hall, please collect children from the Oak Hill main reception doorThere will be an Acorns to Oaks bell on the board outside the Oak Hill main reception door – please be mindful of the time it may take to answer the door due to the location of the hall and noise levels  Please call the Acorns to Oaks mobile on 07444 548 303 if you have any difficulties on this day. Parents are asked to call this if the bell is not answered after a few minutes. Staff could be dealing with children.
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