Play Your Pets Right

My name is Lily and I’m writing from a London based TV Production Company called Lion TV; creators of popular shows like Horrible Histories, Officially Amazing and Inside the Tower of London.
I just wanted to get in touch because we have just had our exciting new TV series ‘Play Your Pets Right’ recommissioned for Sky Kids – a comedy entertainment show in which the nation's pets and their owners battle it out in hilarious games that test their speed, agility, reaction time and focus, and we are currently on the hunt for children and their pets to take part over the summer.
At the moment, we are currently looking for talented animals of all types, shapes and sizes so are encouraging those with even the most unusual pets to get in touch – we are looking for everything from Bearded Dragons, Tortoises, Geckos, Rabbits, Rats / Mice / Gerbils / Hamsters, to Guinea Pigs, Kittens, Dogs, Chinchillas and Goats.
We would love to hear from children at your school, who would be interested in this opportunity. So it would be great if you could forward them the flyer and application form in any way which is easiest i.e. newsletter, email, mailing list, or social media etc. We are encouraging all schools to get the flyer out as soon as possible as we will be filming very soon and I know the term is coming to an end shortly.
We think this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to show off how brilliant their pets are! And hopefully it will be an extremely fun experience for them too.
For More Information, send a picture and tell us about your pet:
Download the Application form here
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