School Watch

All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system.  This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified.  Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

School Watch Alerts:
LOCATION: Tunnel, by Padstow Walk, Feltham
DATE/TIME: 18-03-2020 
Gender: Male, Age: Teen, Skin: White, Lots of spots, Hair: Brown, Glasses: Yes, Transport: Bicycle

Whilst one of our pupils were walking to school this morning he was approached by a teenager.

One of our pupils were walking to school this morning when, what our pupil described as a teenager on a bike approached him.

The teenager: Oi, little man! Do you have data on your phone? I need to call someone.
Our pupil: No
The teenager: Are you sure? I just need to call someone - I won't nick your phone.
Our pupil: No I don't have data
The teenager: Are you sure?
Our pupil: Yes I'm sure (Our pupil was holding his phone in his hand and kept it close to his chest.) The teenager then rode off on his bike.

LOCATION: Heston Village
DATE/TIME: 13:15
Gender: Male, Age: 30s, Height: 6 ft, Build: Medium, Skin: Dark, Hair: Black, Eyes: Light brown, Coat: Blue Puffa jacket, Voice/Accent: Indian, Bag: Duffle Bag

About six feet tall, light brown coloured eyes, skin dark skin Indian in his 30s
He was wearing blue puffer jacket with paint stains, caring a duffle bag and had ear phones.
He was unable to keep his balance and was clearly intoxicated.

The girls were sitting on the wall and the man walked passed and started to stare at one of them, trying to engage in a conversation.The student ignored him, he continued to walk but then turned around and came back towards the girls. He started to make rude gestures and was waving at her.

As the girls started to walk back to school, he followed them, whistling and trying to get their attention from across the road. Once they were back at School, he stood near the entrance and shouted the he would “wait for me” and “I love you”.

A member of SLT spoke to the man.


LOCATION: Chiswick Area
DATE/TIME: Thursday 12th March
Gender: Male, Age: 45, Hat: Helmet, Reg: Police have number plate, Transport: Moped

“weird” man on moped followed a group of Y8 girls after school filming them. A group of girls approached him and he showed them messages sent to his friend with a video of girls on them.  Police have been informed. We also have good image of man.


LOCATION: Cambridge Road, Hounslow
DATE/TIME: 28/02/2020 08.45
Gender: Male, Age: 45-60, Build: Average, Skin: Asian, Hair: Grey, Coat: Blue Jacket Hoody, Trousers: Grey Tracksuit, Visual Obvservations: Bad Teeth

A female student in Year 6 has been approached by a male who has been following her for the past 3 days to and from school making sexual remarks.

Parents were made aware who contacted the police and the male has been arrested by the police today.


LOCATION: Sparrow Farm Drive, Feltham
DATE/TIME: 13/2/20 15.10
Gender: Male, Age:50's Build: Stocky, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Ginger/Mousy Brown, Voice: English Accent Possibly Northern, Vehicle: Fiesta, Colour: Dark Grey


A staff member was leaving school at 3.10pm and was walking from the school gate along the road to her car when a car pulled up beside her and the man driving asked her if she had far to go? The staff member replied, No. He then said, do you want a lift to which the staff member replied No and he then said are you sure I will give you a lift anywhere. The staff member said no and he huffed at her and sped off.

LOCATION: At the 490 bus stop at Apex Corner, Hanworth
DATE/TIME: 10/02/2020  8:59 am approx
Gender: Male, Age: 20yrs approx, Height: 5'6" approx, Build: Medium,  Skin Colour: White, Hair: Short, flat to his head. Black, Beard: Messy beard longer than chin, Jacket: Black to hips, Trousers: Black baggy trousers, Trainers: Nike with gold stripe, Bag: Brown with red crossoverman bag, Voice/Accent: English

Standing at Apex Corner bus stop a man approached our student and asked when the bus was coming, she replied “she did not know” he then asked her her name and which school she went too, she told him.  He asked her where the school was, she randomly pointed.  He then asked her if it was an all-girls school, she replied “mixed”.  As a police car went passed, he waved them down, went over to the car and started talking to them.

When the bus arrived, the student and man got on the bus. The man then said to the student “Feltham & Hounslow is a dangerous place, you need to be safe” and proceed to pulled out five or six mobile phones from his man bag and asked her if she wanted one, she relied "No". He told her he worked with the Police, he then turned and spoke with the bus driver telling him he had got on the wrong bus saying he needed to get the 111 and got off the bus.


LOCATION: Bergenia House, Bedfont Lane, Feltham TW13 4GE
DATE/TIME: 11/02/2020 8:30am
Gender: Male, Age: Late 30's, Height: 5ft 9 - 5ft 11, Build: Slim build, Skin Colour: Asian Origin, Jumper: Dark blue jumper, Trousers: Black Jogging Bottoms

A year 2 child was waiting for the lift and when the doors opened a man was in there and said “do you want to come in and come to my house?”

The child said “No, I’m not allowed”.

The Mum followed the Man and confronted him and he denied it. She believes the man lives in the flats.

The Safer Neighbourhood Police Team have been informed, Mum has been advised to report it to the Police and the Housing Officer for the flats.


LOCATION: School Road, outside school main gates
DATE/TIME: 06-02-2020 15:33-15:50
Gender: 2 Males, Age: 13-45, Build: Medium, Skin: Both White, Hair: Man – short dark hair Boy – Short blond hair, Coat: Man – dark navy blue hood Boy – dark navy blur almost black, TROUSERS: Man- Black jogging bottoms Boy – Black chinos, SHOES/BOOTS: Man- Black trainers Nike tick  Boy- Light gray with blue shoelaces, 


A man and a boy first walks passed the EYFS gate, followed shortly by the boy entering the school ground and the man staying out side. The boy hides his face from the CCTV by putting his hood up and walks down the reception playground. The boy approached a pupil and took the pupil scooter off him in front of his mother and in view of other parents. He then drops the scooter by the gate as he had to go back to pick up his cigarettes that dropped out of his pocket. The boy started swearing at parents before taking 2 playground chairs from the school ground.

The man and boy was asked to move on and to return the equipment by a TA on her way home but moved to the schools main reception gate where they both sat smoking and setting up art equipment in front of the school, before being asked by the caretaker and head teacher to move on.   

Following the School Watch  sent this morning, please note that both suspects have been sighted at another school in the Feltham. Please be vigilant and report any concerns to the police.


LOCATION: Near Brabazon Road, off  of Cranford Lane, Heston. TW5
DATE/TIME: 06.02.20/ 18.50pm
Gender: Male, Age: 20 yrs, Height: Tall, Build: Skinny, Skin Colour: White, Shirt/Tie: Shirt, Jkt: He had one on, Skirt/Trousers: Jeans, Accent: Irish Accent
Vehicle: Black tinted windows. Sliding doors at the back.

There were two men in a grey van. A female student was walking with her mum to their car. Her mother was a few paces behind.

One of the men said “Oh little girl, come here”. He then put on his head lights and got out some chocolate to offer to her. Her mum caught up with her and the van drove quickly away.

The parents reported it to the police.


LOCATION: Feltham High Street
DATE/TIME: Assorted days Time: 2 to 3pm
Gender: Male, Age: Approx 40yrs, Height: Approx 5'10", Build: Med, Skin Colour: African, Hair: Afro, Jacket: Lumber Jack shirt Red or Green, Trousers: Light blue jeans, Voice/Accent: English Accent

There is a gentleman walking up and down Feltham High Street approaching ladies and girls of all ages. 

**This was reported to SA by a member of the public.

The member of the public has informed the Feltham Centre Security and did say that they were already aware of this gentleman behaviour.


LOCATION: Watermead Estate, Southville Road and Tachbrook Road
DATE/TIME: 31-01-2020 08:00-08:15
Gender: Female, Age: 30's, Height: 5' 5, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Hair: Black hair in ponytail with strands of hair at the front. Shoulder length, Eyes: Brown, Glasses: None, Coat: Always wear a white coat, has a hood and is puffer style, Skirt/Trousers: Black baggy trousers like jogging bottoms, Shoes/Boots: Black

Woman has followed one of our students from their house on Watermead Estate to school. Student did not see the woman when she left the house but noticed her following her once she got to cage park. Student carried on walking and realised at this point she was following her. When student got to the church at the top of Tachbrook Road the woman hid and then crossed the other side of the road. She started walking down the opposite side of the road but in the same direction as the student. When the student arrived at school the woman stood outside and remained standing there. When the student looked around a short while afterwards the woman had walked off.


LOCATION: Hanworth Road/Whitton Road
DATE/TIME: 8:20-8:30am
Gender: Male x 2, Age: Mid 30's, Height: 5'8-5'10, Skin: Asian, Hat: Orange Turban

A year 6 child was walking by himself to school. 2 men crossed the road and approached him asking for money. He was asked to turn out his pockets to prove he didn’t have any money and then they walked away.  This incident happened over a week ago but have just been informed by the parent.


DATE/TIME: 23.01.2020 8:10-8:20

Gender: Male, Age: 20-30, Build: Medium, Skin Colour: White, Hair: Dark, Facial Hair: Had a beard but not long (well trimmed), Coat/Jkt: Black Jkt, Skirt/Trousers: Navy or Black Trousers


Student in Year 7 has reported that she passed a man sitting in a black car this morning and that as she walked past he got out. She states that he started to follow her including following her to the opposite side of the road. She said that when she sped up he did also so that at one point he was only an arm length away. The student then ran away and when she looked around the man had disappeared.


SCHOOL: Rivers
DATE/TIME: Various/ongoing
Gender: Male
An individual is active online targeting female students in the local area pretending to be a 14 year old
male. He works through social media and encourages the child to self-harm and send naked photos
revealing himself subsequently to be an older male. Police / CID active on cases.
SCHOOL: The Rise School
DATE/TIME: 08/01/2020
Gender: Male, Height: 5ft 9", Build: Medium, Skin Colour: White but tanned, Hair: Dark, Coat/Jkt: Black Jkt, Skirt/Trousers/Dress: Silky tracksuit bottoms with a hole in one of the legs

Our pupils were returning from their swimming lesson at Hanworth Airpark and one of our TA’s believed that they were being followed.

The reason for this is that he stayed behind them and when the class slowed down or stopped so did the man.


SCHOOL: St Lawrence Catholic Primary School
DATE/TIME: 09/12/2019 12.45pm
LOCATION: Victoria Road
Gender: Male, Age: 20-30, Height: Medium, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Facial Hair: Short Beard, Coat: Dark, Skirt/Trousers: Black trousers, Shoes/Boots: Black

The man was either photographing or videoing the children who were playing in the school playground. When the children went to alert an adult he left the scene.


SCHOOL: Heston Primary School

DATE/TIME: 21/11/19 15.50
LOCATION: Junction of Westbrook Road (opposite Westbrook School)
Gender: Male, Age:20-25, Build: Medium, Skin: White, Hat: Black, Coat: Black bomber jacket, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Black Trousers, Shoes/Boots: Black

The man came over to the three year 6 children and asked them for a fight (he put up his fists) The man attempts to grab one of the children’s mobile phone from his hand, he pushed the second child. Two of the children move away, the man continues to shout at the child with the phone and acts aggressively for about 5 minutes.

The children said that they have seen this man hanging around before.


SCHOOL: St Mark’s Catholic School
LOCATION:St Mark’s Catholic School
Gender: Male, Age: 60's, Build: Stocky, Skin: White, Hat: Beenie, Coat: Navy Puffer, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Black Tracksuit Trousers, Voice/Accent: Eastern European

The man approached three girls and said “Good morning Guys, How are you?” and then he touched/stroked the inside of one of the girls arm.

The girls have stated they have seen him before, usually in the morning, hanging around outside the school gates and by the bus stop trying to talk to other girls

SCHOOL: Woodbridge Park Education Service
DATE/TIME: 06.11.19 10.30am
LOCATION: Alleyway on Oriel estate near Oriel Primary School
Gender: Male, Age: Mid 20s, Height: 6ft, Build: Slim, Skin: Dark brown, Hair: Short brown, Eyes: Brown, Facial Hair: Stubble beard and looked scruffy

Two 14 year old girls walking to school saw a man in the alley looking down his pants, they went to a nearby shop and then went to the bus stop walking past the alley again. He approached them asking for their phone numbers, saying you are really pretty. They asked how old he was - he claimed to be 16/17.

When they tried to leave he followed then the man grabbed one of the girls from behind, spun her around and pinned her to the fence and began to choke her around the throat. The other girl began to punch him and she managed to get free and get onto the bus.

Police have been informed.


SCHOOL: Belmont Primary School
DATE/TIME: 4th November, 10:15am
LOCATION: Outside our main school gate
Gender: Male, Age: 50's, Height: Average, Build: Stocky, Skin: White, Hair: Grey (had grey facial hair too), Voice/Accent: London Accent,  Car: Reg No: LS03 KOX, Make/Model: MG, Colour: Grey, No of Doors: 5, Property in/on Vehicle: Star Wars R2D2 blow up robot in passenger seat. Lots of energy drink cans in car. Lots of other stuff in back seat

At about 10:15am we noticed a car parked with all 4 wheels on the pavement right outside our main pedestrian gate. It had hazard lights on with no one in in. It was there unattended for several minutes after we first spotted it. There were some very strange things in the car including a big blown up Star Wars robot in the back seat and lots of energy drink cans scattered around and junk.

The driver appeared and was questioned as to why he had parked in front of our school and left his car unattended. He became very quickly extremely rude and aggressive and drove off at speed, clunking across and down the pavement and veering across the road, initially with the driver’s door still open.

The car registration plate was LS03 KOX. It was a silver car.

The man was white, in his late 50s with grey hair and a grey beard.


SCHOOL: St Mark's Catholic School
DATE/TIME: 8:30am
LOCATION: St Mark's Catholic School
Gender: Male, Age: 20's, Height: 5ft 5ish, Build: Stocky, Skin: Olive, Hat: Black, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Coat: Baseball type, Trousers: Black tracksuit trousers, Shoes: Trainers, Voice/Accent: London

This morning a man approached the gate stating that he needed to come in and needed to see his brother. He said that his brother's name and that he was in year 2, I explained he had the wrong school as we are a secondary school and he then said the boy was he was looking for St Mark's and he needed to see him. He then changed the name and said he needed to see Antione, I asked if it was Antione or Nathan and he just said "yes." He seemed to be heavily under the influence of drugs, there was strong smell off of him. 

He was very keen to get into the school. I stood by the gate so he could not get past and explained that he would not be able to come in and that he should ring his brother or parents after school if he wanted to see him. He started mumbling and asking to see him again and to get in to the school and I again explained he could not. ​He then left. 

SCHOOL: Springwest Academy, Browells Lane, Feltham
DATE/TIME: 04/10/2019 Approx 19.30pm
LOCATION: Outside feltham Train Station
Gender: Male, Age: Approx 30-31 yrs, Height: Medium, Build: Average, Skin Colour: Mixed Race, Hair: Brown/black, frizzy, medium length, Eyes: Brown, T-Shirt: Green, Coat/Jacket: Green Hoodie, Trousers: Light blue jeans, Shoes/Boots: Adidas trainers, Voice/ Accent: Mixed Indian Accent.

After visiting the park our male student went to get his bus, the bus was full and the driver told everyone to get off.  The boy got off the bus and sat on the bench next to a guy, the guy kept asking what his name was so the student gave a false name, the guy then asked “where do you live, what school do you go to”, the boy covered up his badge on his blazer. The guy then grabbed his leg and pulled it closer to him, the boy pulled away, after about two minutes the guy stood up and grabbed the boy round the neck, no one at the stop helped the boy.  The boy ran from the Feltham Station to the next bus stop and has not seen this guy since.

The police were not informed.

SCHOOL: Cardinal Road Infant & Nursery School
DATE/TIME: 02/10/2019 10.45am
LOCATION: Leisurewest Complex Carpark

A group of children, Teachers and Parents were walking through the Leisurewest Complex car park.

They were approached by a group of 4 boys; (aged between 10 and 12 years old; and a dog from the Traveller Caravans. The 4 boys went to the front of the group and were trying to engage the Teacher and children in conversation and walking in between the children, disrupting them. The Teacher asked them to leave the children alone, the eldest boy ran between the children and called a child a derogatory name and tapped him on the head. Nobody was hurt but it was upsetting for the children.

The Safer Neighbourhood Police Team have been informed, phone calls have been made to Springwest Academy, Victoria Juniors and St Lawrences.


SCHOOL: Springwest Academy Browells Lane, Feltham
DATE/TIME: 5pm 30/09/2019
LOCATION: By Southville Junior School
Gender: Male x 2, Age: Approx 30 & 15/16, Height: 6ft & 5'10", Build: Slim, Skin Colour: Mixed Race, Hat: 1. Nike hat, 2. Bandana over facw, no hat.

The student was walking home from school.  One person on a moped kept passing him, the man on the moped got off and was with another person about 15/16 years old followed him. When he ran they ran after him.  When he met an adult he knew they stopped following him and went the other way.

The Police have been informed.

SCHOOL: St Mark’s Catholic School
DATE/TIME: 25/9 8.10am
LOCATION: Strafford Road, Hounslow


Gender: Male, Age: 45/50, Height: 5ft 6", Build: Well built, Skin: Olive, Hair: Very short/shaved, Coat: None even though cold and wet, Jumper: Blue T-Shirt, Trousers: Shorts


Year 8 student walking down Strafford Road – man waving at her from the main road, when she walked past he caught hold of her hand and walked with her talking about Iraq (his other hand on his heart) he let go when they reached the school but called that he would she her tomorrow and that he was going to the High Street.


SCHOOL: Chiswick School
DATE/TIME: Tues/Weds 17th -18th Sept 
LOCATION: Burlington lane and around the school perimeter
Gender: Male, Age: Varied 

5 men mugged 6th form students and took phones and wallets on Tuesday 17th Sept at 1.45pm

Wednesday 18th Sept@ 2 mopeds with 2 youths on each attempted to steal a phone from one of students despite increased police presence in area around school


SCHOOL: Sparrow Farm Junior School
DATE/TIME: 19/9/19/8.28am
LOCATION: Cygnet Avenue, Feltham
Gender: Male, Age: Late 20's, Height:5'8", Skin Colour: White, Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Brown, Shirt/Tie: Black T-Shirt with footballs, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Light Denium Jeans, Voice/Accent: Foreign Accent, Scars/Tattoos: Small black mole on lower right cheek

A Yr 6 child was walking to school from Cygnet Avenue at 8.29am when she saw a man on the opposite side of the road.
He crossed the road an approached her and offered her free candy to which she said no thank you
He carried on walking and then again asked her if she would like an apple.
Again she said no thank you and carried on walking.
He then crossed the road and walked off in the opposite direction.

Reported to the police



SCHOOL: Green Dragon Primary School
DATE/TIME: 17/09/19 @ 8am
LOCATION: Travel Lodge on the corner of North Road, Brentford
Gender: Male, Age: Early 30's, Skin: Mixed Race, Man was wearing a clown mask

Pupil got off the bus at the Travel Lodge.

The man was on the opposite side of the road and shouted “I’m going to get you”, and chased him.

He was wearing a killer clown mask.

Police were contacted immediately.


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