School Watch

All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system.  This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified.  Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

School Watch Alerts:
LOCATION: 235 bus to Hounslow West
DATE/TIME: 11/11/2020 14:15 – 14:45
Gender: Male, Age: 30, Skin Colour: Asian, Hair: Brown/Black, Moustache/Beard: Goatie, Coat/Jkt: Grey in colour, Jumper: Grey, Skirt/Trousers: Grey Trousers, Voice/Accent: Strong English Accent
A man described as Indian with a strong English accent with untidy brown/black hair and about 30 years old, wearing grey clothing with a goatee style beard was ranting at passengers on the bus.  He then approached three of our students who were sitting at the back of the bus.
He demanded 'lager'  from them and produced a live crab (very large about 30cm diameter). He was scaring the students with the crab, trying to push it into their faces.  He bumped one of the three, who then hid behind one of our older students. He then threatened to 'beat up' all three
The older student then stood in front of his peers and told the man to back off.  He then tried to apologize and produced a credit card and asked a student to take it and wished him Merry Christmas.  He then demanded that they get off the bus, which all three duly did (the older student took both peers with him at his stop) at Islay Gardens.

Please be aware of 2 school watch incidents that took place yesterday (10.11.2020), on Belgrave Road, Hounslow  at 3:30pm .

Incident 1:

A man describes as black in his 20s with black shaved hair, wearing a black tracksuit was sitting in a parked car with the passenger window down at the junction of Belgrave Road and Logan Close.

He hissed at Sixth Former Girl from St Mark’s Catholic School who was collecting a younger sibling from St Michael & St Martin Catholic trying to get her attention.  She ignored him and carried on walking on to the school premises. 

The Welfare Officer on the gate knew that there was something wrong and questioned student.  Student then invited in to make a statement with staff.

Escorted from premises by staff and asked to call office upon return home.

Student did appear shaken and did call in upon arrival.  Advised that she must inform parents of incident.

Incident 2:

A man describes as black in his 20s with black shaved hair, brown eyes wearing a black tracksuit was sitting in a parked Black VW Golf car with the passenger window down by school gate near the junction of Belgrave Road and Logan Close.  He hissed at one of our Assistant Teachers who ignored him.  He persisted with hissing at her and she thought something was wrong and turned back to look at him.  He asked her to come over and asked her what her name was.  She didn’t answer him but called the school office who advised her to return to school.  Staff went to meet her at the front of the school.

When she turned round she saw the driver get out of the car and look up and down the street.  He then pretended to look at his wheels.  He was white skinned with a black hoody which was over his head so she was unable to see hair colouring and black tracksuit bottoms and white trainers. The Assistant Teacher took a picture of the back of the car showing the make and registration of the vehicle on her phone.

It has been advised for school to inform the Police of these incidents


LOCATION: Kingsley Road / Spring Grove Road
DATE/TIME: 16.10.2020 / 19.10.2020

Gender: Male, Skin: Asian, Reg. No: LL, Make/Model: Mercedes, Colour: Black


Two year 12 students were walking home after school they were followed by an Asian man in a black Mercedes car.  The man exposed himself to them.

One of the girls saw the same man this morning at the top of Kingsley Road, but was too frightened to get the licence number apart from “LL”


LOCATION: Outside Oak Hill Academy main entrance on the public highway
DATE/TIME: 12/10/2020  3.15pm approx

Gender: Male, Age: 30-35yrs, Height: 5' 3" approx, Hat: Red baseball cap, Jumper: Grey hoodie, Trs: Very baggy jeans,


A parent reported a man outside the school at pick up time asking other parents for money, cigarettes etc.  The parent who made the report and a few other parents noticed the middle aged man. He did not make contact with any child.  The parent advises that the man is not a parent, he is local and has seen him hanging around Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery School in the past. Parent describes the man as aged approx. 30-35yrs, approx. 5’ 3” in height, very baggy jeans, red baseball cap with grey hoodie pulled over top of cap.


LOCATION: Outside Spring West
DATE/TIME: 14.09.2020 / 9am
Gender: Male, Age: 40ish, Skin: White

Two parents reported to us that she and another parent witnessed a white man (maybe in his 40s) with blonde hair, he was following 3 Springwest girls and one of them was asking to be left alone. They got quite upset. This was around 9am this morning.

LOCATION: St John’s Road, Isleworth (Near Londis)
DATE/TIME: 10/09/2020 , 8.30-8.45am
Gender: Male, Age: Late 30/early 40, Height: 6ft, Build: Quite big & stocky, Skin: Tanned skin(Arabic), Hair: Long black beard, Coat: Dark Jacket, Jumper: Grey hoodie, Skirt/Trs: Dark trousers

Two Y6 girls were approached separately while walking to school along St. John’s Road (near Londis) on Thursday (10th) morning by the same man (they believe).  He had a dark jacket and trousers and a grey hoodie with the hood up and had a long black beard.  He had tanned skin and looked Arabic.  He was quite big and stocky.

He asked them if they were walking to school on their own.  One girl replied ‘yes’ and the other girl ignored him.  He said to her ‘be careful sweetie’.


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