Advice for Parents & Carers on Staying Safe during the Coronavirus

Parents should do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus.

They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults. 

 Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to thank you sincerely for following government advice in keeping your child/ children at home wherever this is at all possible. I am aware that this period of school closure may be very difficult for you. It is so important that each of us plays our part in the country's fight to defeat the Coronavirus.

Oak Hill Academy remains closed to the majority of pupils with a very small number of children of key workers in attendance. We also have a dramatically reduced number of teachers and support staff in school on a daily rota. You can still contact the school in the usual way, although there are fewer administrative staff on-site so response times may be slower at present. Email is the best form of contact. This is being checked daily. We will ensure that the notice regarding closure posted on the academy website remains up to date to keep you informed of any changes in line with the government's advice. Use the following link:

It is really important that your child/children do study whilst at home. A regular learning routine would help pupils both educationally and emotionally to cope with these extraordinary circumstances. Each Year Team Leader has ensured that plenty of work has been sent out to your child / children. If you have not received the paper pack or online work, please do email the relevant Year Team Leader on:

Year 3 Team Leader is Mrs Cronin
Year 4 Team Leader is Miss Darkes
Year 5 Team Leader is Mr Ridgway
Year 6 Team Leader is Mr Clifton

Once again, thank you for acting in line with government advice, this has enabled us to keep our whole school community as safe as possible. I must stress that it is so important that you continue to do this over the coming days and weeks. Please stay safe by staying indoors wherever possible! Regards Mrs R Saim Principal



As you may have heard, yesterday the government announced that all schools must close to the majority of pupils due to the Coronavirus. The information contained within this letter is based on the information currently available from the government. We expect further announcements imminently and will advise you of any further developments.

As a consequence, Oak Hill Academy West London will close with effect from the end of the school day on Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice. We will keep our website updated with any information about the date of reopening.

Oak Hill will, however, remain open to provide care for the children of key workers and for vulnerable children, which includes those children who have a social worker or an Education Health Care Plan. For these children, the school day will start at 09:00am. Children who have not had breakfast will be offered it. We are currently willing and able to offer the Acorns to Oaks after school club until 6pm for those families who need it. There will be no charge for the above for any identified children during this time.

Eligibility: If you work in any of the following jobs you are classified as a key worker:

  • Health & Social Care / NHS staff
  • Nursery setting staff
  • Social workers
  • Police
  • Food production staff
  • Supermarket delivery drivers
  • Supermarket staff
  • Pharmacy staff
  • Fire service
  • Armed Forces
  • Teachers and other school staff
  • Key Public services staff
  • Local & National Government staff
  • Staff connected to oil, gas, electricity and water services

If you are eligible and you want your child / children to be cared for at school please complete the attached form and ensure your child brings it with them on Monday morning when they attend school. You should arrive at the main school hall for registration and give the form to a member of staff.

If your child is classed as a vulnerable child they can also continue to attend the Academy. The school will contact you individually if you are classed by us as vulnerable. The offer is the same as key worker children as above.

For all other children whose parents are not classified as key workers, or do not qualify as vulnerable children, we regret that the Academy is closed to you for the foreseeable future. During the period of closure, teachers will be setting appropriate work for all students online by email and as paper packs. You will have been sent a separate email regarding this. Please see your email from your child’s Year team Leader.

Our expectations of children are that they should complete all of the work set by their teachers and should aim to work from home during normal school hours. For reasons of safeguarding, children will need to wear their school uniform, for the next two weeks at least.

Support offer for Free School Meals pupils:

If your child receives Free School Meals, these will be available to collect from the Oak Hill dining hall door. 12.00-12.15pm (Lower school) and 12.15-12.30pm (Upper school).  If your child attends for the whole day they will be fed during the lunch break as normal.

Safeguarding: Even during a period of school closure, our primary concern is the safety of pupils. We have identified our Designated Safeguarding Leads Mrs Saim and Mrs Cooper to maintain regular contact with families where there are specific pupil needs. To contact them please call the school on 020 8890 4560 or email

During the closure period our emergency email address is or text via the School Gateway. It is important that this contact is only used for emergency messages and urgent queries and not for day to day contact with teachers. This address will be monitored daily by staff from the Academy.

In England and Wales, all exams in May and June 2020 have been cancelled, including GCSEs and A-levels as well as England's primary school national curriculum tests, known as SATs. As soon as we are informed by the government we will write to parents to explain how student grades will be awarded this year. We expect to be able to update you about this soon.

Whilst my immediate concern is the health and safety of pupils and their families, clearly the longer-term impact is a concern too. Whilst it is too early to give a definitive answer on this, we are confident that government is currently exploring all possible scenarios and options and we will continue to update you in these discussions. 

We would urge you to follow the latest government advice regarding the virus, which can be found here:

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline on 0800 046 8687 mon- Fri 8am to 6pm


As we receive further information on the closure for parents it will be posted on the school website.

We wish you well during this very difficult time and look forward to seeing you all again as soon as we are able to reopen our school.


Yours faithfully,

Mrs R Saim



18th March 2020


Dear Parents,

Following Government guidelines we are sending children home who have or develop a continuous cough OR a fever. If you or anyone else who lives with you, has either or both of these symptoms, the government has said that everyone in your household will need to self-isolate for fourteen days.

If your child has a sore throat you can, for your own peace of mind, keep them off for 1-2 days.  If this is the only symptom, we would expect to see them back in school after this time.

Rachael Saim



Dear Parents & Carers,

In the event of a school closure, we are supplying all children with a home learning pack tonight.

An electronic copy of the pack and further home learning details will be sent out separately by your child’s Year Team Leader.

If your child is currently absent from school and you would like to receive a paper copy of the home learning pack, teachers will be handing these out tonight and tomorrow night after school. Alternatively, you can get a copy sent home to you via another family, but you would need to contact the child’s class teacher direct using their email address to make arrangements for this.

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support during this challenging time.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy.

Best wishes,

Mrs R Saim

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