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The wearing of school uniform is a key significant feature of our academy and our uniform code is strongly enforced. School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone.

In accepting a place at Oak Hill Academy parents and pupils agree to support this aspect of our school philosophy.


                       Boys:                                                                          Girls:

                      Green Oak Hill Blazer                                              Green Oak Hill Blazer

                      Oak Hill V Necked pullover                                      Oak Hill V Necked pullover

                      Black trousers                                                          Black trousers or Oak Hill tartan skirt

                      White shirt                                                                White shirt

                      Oak Hill tie                                                               Oak Hill tie

                     Grey, white or black socks                                      Grey, white or black socks/tights


Please note: Pullovers are optional in the Summer term as needed.
Boys and girls may wear black school style shorts (May-July).

Head Coverings/Accessories:
Turbans, patkas, rumals and Hijabs (Hijaabs), head scarves and other hair bands in dark green, grey, white or black. P.E Hijabs in safe stretchy material are available in shops. No extreme haircuts are allowed.


Plain black flat soled shoes should be worn. No high heels, trainers, knee length boots or open toed sandals.  In Winter, boots must only be at ankle height and plain black with no attached accessories or excessive fur features.



P.E Kit:

*House colour Oak Hill polo shirt, black PE Shorts and plimsolls.

In winter, green/black sweatshirt, green/black jogging bottoms and trainers should be worn for outdoor PE.

Our Safety Policy forbids the wearing of jewellery at any time.  If children are going to have their ears pierced, we ask that this be done at the beginning of the summer holiday so studs can be removed when they come back to school. Children are permitted to wear watches but they will have to be removed during PE lessons and teachers cannot accept responsibility for these.                                                                                                                      

You can purchase school uniform from:

School Bells

48 Bell Road

Hounslow Middlesex


Tel: 020 8577 6656

Email:  info@schoolbellsuniforms.co.uk


 Open 7 days a week

Monday - Saturday 9:00am-5:30pm

Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm


Green Oak Hill blazer (universal)                                                              £ 27.50                                             

Oak Hill V-necked pullover (universal)                                            from   £ 16.50

Oak Hill clip on tie (universal)                                                                    £  5.50                                                 
Oak Hill tartan skirt (girls)                                                                          £ 12.50                                                      

P.E Kit:
House colour Oak Hill polo shirt                                                                £   6.50                                               

P.E. Bag                                                                                                     £   5.50

Book Bag                                                                                                   £   9.00                                   


The school only hold a stock of school ties.  However, we do have a limited number of P.E. polo shirts and school jumpers available for purchase.

If you would like to view our uniform, there are examples on display in our Reception area.