Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Enrichment Homework- AUTUMN 2

For homework this term, you will be creating a Science-focused project linked to our topic of Electricity. How you create your project is up to you, but your teacher and your parents will help you with ideas.

There will be three tasks to complete, based on scientific, artistic and research-based learning. 

There will be three awards given out for the following categories:

1) Self-Worth                       2) Engagement                          3) Purpose

Task 1: Due in Wednesday 13th November

Your task is to make a 3D model of something inspired by our Electricity topic (think electrical circuits,  battery-power ). The creations will be displayed all along our corridor and help to add to the amazing learning environment we are building!

Task 2: Due in Wednesday 27th November

Your task is to create an exciting Science fact file all about Electricity, presented in any way you choose (e.g. poster, booklet, Power-Point Etc.). You could research surprising facts related to the creation and effects of using electricity. We will display these fact files in our learning environments so others can be inspired and use them to develop their own learning.

Task 3: Due in Wednesday 11th December

Your task is to create an artistic interpretation of a topic related to Electricity. You may sketch, draw, paint or even digitally-create a piece of artwork that represents an area of your learning (e.g. how you imagine electricity to look…).

If you finish the tasks before the dates shown, please bring them to school and we can use them in our learning!

Happy researching and we look forward to seeing your Science projects and having them on display very soon!

The Year 6 Team

The Year 6 Team: Mr Clifton, Miss Penycate, Mr Harrison and Miss Caldwell

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