Year 5 Homework


For homework this term, you will be creating a Science-focused project entitled ‘Mission: Space’. How you create your project is up to you, but your teacher and your parents will help you with ideas.

There will be 3 Science, Art and research based tasks to complete.  This homework will help you with Science and English lessons in school!

There will be 3 awards given out for the following categories:

1) Self-Worth                       2) Engagement                          3) Purpose

Task 1: Due in Wednesday 13th November

Your task is to make a 3D model of something inspired by our Space topic (e.g. a 3D planet, rocket, a shoe box solar system, an alien Etc.). These will be displayed all along our ‘Space’ themed Year 5 corridor and help to add to the amazing Space atmosphere we are building!

Task 2: Due in Wednesday 27th November

Your task is to create an exciting Science fact file all about Space, presented in any way you choose (e.g. poster, booklet, Power-Point Etc.)! You could research different planets; different constellations and stars; space missions; scientific theories; moon phases; orbital patterns of different planets; alien theories, etc. We will display these in our Science learning areas so the rest of the class can use them as a learning tool!

Task 3: Due in Wednesday 11th December

Your task is to create an in-depth Scientific study of a topic related to Space that interests you the most (e.g. a tesseract; a particular constellation and its place in history; a particular space mission (Tim Peake); a place (the Kennedy Space Centre or International Space Station); a scientist; the moon; a particular planet and its movements in space; the moon phases over a month; comparing the different densities/temperatures of the planets; a galaxy etc.) You can display your findings any way you choose (poster, PowerPoint, tables and graphs, leaflet, song, booklet etc.).

If you finish the tasks before the dates shown, please bring them to school and we can use them in our learning!

Happy researching and we look forward to seeing your Science projects!


The Year 5 Team


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