Year 3 Homework

Year 3 Homework



Please look in your child’s homework book for the explanation text homework-look at an explanation text and then try to write your own.

Year 3 Science Enrichment Homework

Spring 2

For homework this half term, you will be creating a project entitled Shaping up and Keeping Healthy’. How you create your project is up to you, but your teacher and your parents will help you with ideas. 

There will be 3 tasks to complete.  This homework will help you with Science in school and allow you to share the extra information with your class!   

There will be 3 awards given out for the following categories:

1) Self-Worth                                  2) Engagement                         3) Purpose


Task 3: This is a task that will require you to do some more research!

To be handed in on Wednesday 3rd April 2019

We would like you to research all the different ways that humans can keep their bodies fit and healthy.

You can present your research in one of the following ways:


  • Healthy recipes which have a balanced amount of the 5 food groups.
  • An exercise programme for a teacher in Year 3.
  • An information leaflet which outlines all the ways to keep healthy.
  • An explanation text about how to look after your body.


Remember! The library in Feltham has lots of books and computers for you to use if you need to or you can pop along to Homework club on Thursdays in 4RM!


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