Year 3 Homework

Year 3 Enrichment Homework

Autumn 2

For homework this half term, you will be creating a project entitled May the Force be with you. How you create your project is up to you, but your teacher and your parents will help you with ideas. 

There will be three awards given out for the following categories:

1) Self-Worth                                  2) Engagement                         3) Purpose


Task 1: This task will require some research!

To be handed in on Wednesday 13th November   

   Write a short information text or create an informative poster about the history of Magnets.
information, diagrams and illustrations of the history of Magnets.

Think about:

  • Who found out that magnets had a force?
  • How were magnets first used in society?
  • In which country were magnets first discovered?


Task 2: This task will require getting creative!

To be handed in on Wednesday 27th November

Create a game piece for your magnetic board game that you have been making in school.

You could make:

  • A counter to use to move around your board
  • A playing card with instructions
  • A scoring system you could use

Task 3: This task will require you to use your imagination!

To be handed in on Wednesday 11th December

Write a poem about either different types of forces or magnets. Use poetic devices such as: personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition, rhyme, rhythm, etc. You can also choose any type of poem to write – e.g. a nonsense poem, riddle, acrostic

Remember! The library in Feltham has lots of books and computers for you to use if you need to.

Happy researching and be as imaginative as possible!

Good luck and have fun!

The Year 3 Team


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