Academy Improvement Teams

Strategic Planning:

The Senior Leadership Team (Principal, Vice Principal and Assistant Principals), together with the Chair of Governors and Executive Principal, meet regularly to create the strategic plan for the academy. We evaluate, through our monitoring programme, the strengths and areas for development each term and plan actions to address these. We also look ahead to how the national picture is influencing education and plan to incorporate the national expectations on us into actions that will provide the children of Oak Hill Academy with the best possible outcomes. The Principal and the Chair of Governors also sit on the District Board to ensure that partnership working across the district is effective.

Strategic planning includes staffing, curriculum, resources, finances and cross district working and is written in the Academy Strategic Plan (ASP).

The Principal has introduced a Thinking Group (Spring 16), consisting of representatives from different staff groups, including Governors. This group meets termly to discuss matters arising from monitoring and gives staff a formal platform to voice their opinions.


Joint Development Planning Team:

This team is made up of members of the SLT and Middle managers. The focus is on improving teaching and learning through the use of coaching, videoing practice and curriculum planning.


Quality Assurance Team:

The Local Area Board of Governors, together with the Aspirations Academies Trust officers carry out monitoring to ensure that the academy is working on the actions of its AIP and is ensuring excellent outcomes for OHAWL pupils. They meet twice a term to discuss how well the academy is doing.


Partnerships Leading to Excellent Outcomes for local children and children attending Aspirations Academies


Aspirations triad- the Principal and SLT participate in academy reviews twice a year, this supports improvement of teaching and learning at OHAWL as well as in Dashwood Banbury and Jewell Poole academies.


We have hosted teachers and senior leaders to observe outstanding practice to support their judgements of teaching in their own schools.


Use of video for reflection and coaching to improve teaching- we are a flagship school for this and our lead coaching team regularly participate in webinars with schools across the world as well as hosting teachers and senior leaders to develop their coaching skills.


The Principal has offered support to local schools in the form of lesson obs, improvement planning etc. she is a HT mentor for a new HT.


The Vice Principal has developed an Academy Trust wide annual debating competition and has led training for staff and children around this.


We work closely in partnership with Rivers Academy to ensure benefits for all of our pupils – Y5/Y7 Reading Programme, English and Maths secondary teachers teaching at OHAWL, Inclusion Manager liaison, Explorers’ Academy for our very able children, etc.