Football @ Oak Hill

This season started a bit off-side
 We wanted to start off the new year with a clean sheet
 We had set new goals for 2018.
Oak Hill behaved as gentlemen.
 Troy stood up to his name sake. Instead of sending a giant horse they sent a giant. Troy’s let nothing through his defences unlike his namesake.
 Hashir had obviously coated his hands in glue because nothing got past him. His shouts of encouragement were only overshadowed by mine and Mr Smith’s gleeful bellowing from the side.
 They eventually bought on their Lionel Messi but at 3-0 up there wasn’t much point. We hassled him as soon as he got the ball and Reggie the Terrier was constantly nipping at his heels.
 James was a magician and he’d put loads of practice getting his show ready for the big game. It was a great hat- trick.
 Joel Harry Kaned one in.
 Yannick didn’t panic,
 He knew the score,
 He banged one in,
 Then he got one more.
 We finished the game 6-1
We scored so many goals I thought it was firework night. Everyone was a banger.
 The only thing more spectacular than their performance on the pitch was their conduct and the way they represented Oak Hill as a school. You make our job (that being myself, Mr Smith and Mr Clifton) easy when you hold yourself to such a high level.
Well done to all the boys involved against Fairholme on Friday 19th January 2018.

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