Birds of Prey by Mr. Alan Ames

Bird Man- Alan Ames

 On Monday 25th February,  the children will be having an exciting free talk given to them about the ecology and conservation of Birds of Prey by Mr. Alan Ames, the founder of Eagle Heights in Eynsford, Kent.  They will be shown different birds and learn about them and their habitats etc. Eagle Heights Foundation in Kent care for injured birds brought in by the public and the RSPCA.  By bringing the birds to schools, Mr. Ames highlights the need for conservation, and explains to the children about predators, ecology and adaption. Alan will also be giving the children an opportunity to have a picture taken with a bird of prey after lunch at the cost of £5.00 for one photo and £3.00 for any extra photos. Please have your child bring in the money to be entitled for this exciting opportunity!​

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