Year 6 Cricket Finals

On Tuesday 5th June 2018, a world-class Year 6 team consisting of: Remarkable Rishi, Terrific Troy, Great George, excellent Eden, amazing Arham, renowned Rehaan, super James, brilliant Yannick, lightning-fast Nyle, last but not least, great Hashir!

First of all, the 16 teams at the tournament were put into 4 groups of four with only the winner advancing through to the next round meaning that there wasn’t a single space for any slip-ups. But we won our group empathically! We played three matches and won every single one, including a narrow 1 run victory where our skills were put to the test!

Also, we were incredibly lucky to have Pinky, the mascot of Middlesex county cricket club (the champions of England in 2016 and our local team) visit us during the tournament all the way from Lord’s Cricket Ground!

Then we advanced to the play-offs to determine the winner of this competition but we knew that we had done incredibly well to get to this point as it meant that we were in the top 4 for cricket in the whole of Hounslow! That means out of the 57 schools in Hounslow we are in the top four! But then we met our match against Alexandra School in the semi-final who outclassed us with their batting, bowling and fielding. Then we faced Fairholme, the only team to have beaten us in the last tournament, in a third place play-off. Unfortunately, we suffered a comprehensive defeat but we went back to school happy in the knowledge that there were only three teams better than us in the whole of Hounslow!

We were brilliant sportsmen throughout always clapping the opponents as well as our own players and shaking their hands after every match meaning that we were amazing on and off the pitch making Oak Hill proud!

Written by Rishaban and Troy (6L)

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