Oak Hill Academy School Trips into London this week

Dear Parents

Oak Hill Academy School Trips into London this week

Year 3 Clipper Trip – Monday 9th October 2017

Having sought advice and guidance from my Director Of Education and the Department for Education website on central London school trips, I am satisfied that our Safety and Risk Assessment Policy and Procedures for this trip tomorrow are completely adequate. We have a good adult pupil ratio and 25 adults are going. If you have any queries or concerns please do come in to the school hall early tomorrow morning at 8:30am to speak to me and the Year 3 team. The trip will be going ahead tomorrow.

Year 6 Natural History Museum Trip – Tuesday 10th October 2017

Mrs Saim will contact the Natural History Museum tomorrow (Monday 9th October) to discuss Tuesday’s Year 6 trip. Once this has been done, there will be a Facebook/website message update for parents. We would ask any parents who feel unsure / concerned about the trip to come in to speak to the Year 6 staff after school on Monday 9th at 3:30pm.

Kind regards Mrs Saim