Ancient Greek Day - Year 5

18th January 2019

As part of our History learning, we are very excited to announce that on Friday 18th January 2019, the whole Year 5 family will become Ancient Greeks for the day with a workshop offered by the educational team from Portals to the Past.  This workshop will take us on a magical time-travelling journey through the mysteries of Ancient Greece! The children will be involved in different activities throughout the day, including:

The morning workshop consists of a short introduction to Greek life and culture, followed by four engaging activities:

  • A Greek quiz, with loads of fun Greek facts for the children to discover
  • Archimedes’ Stomachion – the oldest known mathematical puzzle
  • Petteia, the Greek strategy game
  • Myths and legends – the children are transported to a Greek theatre where they re-enact Greek myths and legends

This will be a fun start to the new term and will really set the scene for their Ancient Greeks learning journey.